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MSE News: It's confirmed, Abbey and A&L £100 bank switching bonus returns

This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"You can earn a £100 bonus by switching your bank account to either Abbey or Alliance & Leicester (A&L).

If you take advantage of the incentive, which begins on Monday ..."


  • anselldanselld Forumite
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    Seriosly folks, you can get much better service and the same £100 deal by switching to First Direct.
  • michaelsmichaels Forumite
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    Yes, but only once every six years... :)
    anselld wrote: »
    Seriously folks, you can get much better service and the same £100 deal by switching to First Direct.
    I think....
  • anselld wrote: »
    Seriosly folks, you can get much better service and the same £100 deal by switching to First Direct.

    I joined A&L May 09 after reading of this so-called offer... NOT SO FAB.

    The switch took 3 months- they took direct debits but didnt transfer the standing orders requested. Ive complained via 3 methods, email, letter, phone and now financial ombudsman. I recieved an acknowledgement of complaint a few days after- 4 weeks later my complaint hasnt been sorted.

    The staff attitude on phone stinks- switching team rarely available. Despite their errors, there is no negotiation to reorganise/ put things right. The information A&L they give you contradicts each other. I got told switching team were having problems- all along I was being charged £35 for every item going out, plus £5 a day. despite them not organising the switch correctly.

    The overdraft wasnt matched- my old overdraft was £500, they gave me £250. When i called, the staff on the phone told me it would be matched once switch was completed- WRONG INFORMATION, you actually have to provide them with old bank statements showing you have been in credit for something like 3 days!!!

    Ive been told because I didnt credit account with £500 transfer within so many weeks of opening account I didnt get £100 golden hello. A&L were supposed to be doing the transfer.

    Ive been upset, humiliated by the rude staff, had a higher than normal phone bill after the many calls ive made-its going to be more cost effective to close the account down.

    Some people may have had a painfree ride with A&L but I most certainly havent.

  • Didnt loads of people not recieve the £100 last time.
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    bristolleedsfanbristolleedsfan Forumite
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    ATM : Topcashback are offering 45.00 Cashback ( + 10% more depending on loyalty) for a successful A+L Current Account application, ( Quidco 45.00) and yes both offers usually get paid as the 100.00 offer is a switching incentive whereas the Cashback Site offer is an account opening incentive.

    From my experience 1200.00 + paid out from each of them TCB and Quidco do always pay out.
  • A& L also do a £25 each referral offer for people who refer someone to them (via an email link, i think) so if you know soeone with an account, get them to refer you for £25 each......from past experiene quidco does not always pay out!
  • GopesGopes Forumite
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    I am currently with A&L - if I transfer my accounts to Abbey (also part of the Santander Group), will I get the £100?
  • GopesGopes Forumite
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    Just read the "find out more" section on the Abbey website - offer is not available if you already have a "A&L Account".


  • bilbo_2bilbo_2 Forumite
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    Done this offer through quidco

    when I get my account number i'll sign up to the online savings account
    £100 from alliance for switching
    £45 quidco for opening premier current
    £20 quidco for opening online saver
    £165 profit

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    plzhelpmesave!plzhelpmesave! Forumite
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    Bilbo i opened up online saver and never got a penny from quidco! Hope it tracks for everyone

    I already have the A&L account - but will switch my main current account from LLoyds to Abbey to get the £100.

    from what i remember last time - A&L match your overdraft to the account that you are switching from (up to 2k?) so its worth trying to get your O/D increased to that amount BEFORE you switch - you may need to provide a statment as evidence of the amount.

    My questions - hubby has an abbey current account - so would be still be able to get the A&L offer if he switches it over? Or will he have to switch his halifax (salary is paid into this one)

    Nepew is 16 and needs a bank account to get his ema - will his have to be a straight account opening as he hasnothing to switch??!!

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