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Engagement Rings (merged)

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Weddings & Anniversaries
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bbhcmikebbhcmike Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Weddings & Anniversaries
How much should I be spending on an engagement ring, I have no idea how much rings cost normally so it's difficult to compare. Obviously I know what type I'm looking for but with these types of purchases (ie for the woman) I find it's important to get the cost/quality ratio correct!

Please help!


  • trutru Forumite
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    I read somewhere that you should spend a months wages :o:o Dunno if that's gross or net pay lol ;D

    Hubby looked at expensive ones for me but the only one I liked was about £20, that was 15 years ago though ;D
  • spend what you can afford. no pooint getting into debt before you start. (oh and my brother says keep the reciept, i apologise for him!! don't normally let him sit in)
  • Being the lucky recipient of an engagement ring only a few weeks ago I can safely say 'spend all your savings!!!! ;D'

    No really, do you know what kind of ring she wants? ???Solitaire, cluster, diamond or other stone? If it's a classic solitaire then do you know what style your good lady likes? You pay more for a square diamond or other fancy shape, than you would a 'round' one.

    Also my theory is, think what you will spend on your wedding, that's just one day. Now imagine that your future wife will be looking at the ring on her finger for the rest of her life. I know what I'd rather spend the most on ;D!

    My advice would be to try and find out what she would like, then look 'everywhere' for the nicest one that you can comfortably afford. :)

    keep us updated though... we like a good wedding on here don't we ladies? (and gents) :-*
    Just run, run and keep on running!

  • Have to agree with whats been said.

    Spend what you can afford. I love my engagement ring. It is quite unusual and has an amethyst as my hubby knows how much I love them. I love the fact that he picked it for me and it was a complete suprise.

    Think it probably cost about £100 ish 3 years ago.

    Good luck
    Give me the boy until he's seven and i'll give you the man.
  • Definately check what type she likes. My hubby to be was looking to buy me a diamond solitaire ring then I saw a pink sapphire ring that I thought suited me more. He bought a similar one in an ebay shop for £60 and I can honestly say it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
    Good Luck!
  • Woby_TideWoby_Tide Forumite
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    Take her to Argos and rip out the expensive pages .... ;)

    on a different tact, it may be worth sounding out a jeweller to make the ring. We got my wifes ring made to order(she had ideas what she liked and saw some in shops that she liked but weren't exactly what she'd wanted) we took some drawings in and they made it as she wanted for more or less same price as the shop did, they also then made the wedding ring to match the shape perfectly so they sat right on her finger and did my wedding ring at same time. *lovingly strokes stored up brownie points*

    it just adds that little extra that you know yours is 'one' of a kind and not the same as anyone elses really
  • Take her to Argos and rip out the expensive pages

    my engagement ring was from a car boot, and cost £15, but i still love it to bits.
  • Lucie_2Lucie_2 Forumite
    1.5K posts
    my engagement ring was from a car boot, and cost £15, but i still love it to bits.

    The cost is not really important.

    I sold my engagement ring last year (pause for gasps of horror). I was getting nasty excema (?sp) on my ring finger whenever I wore it, so I "part exchanged" it for another one. Hubby didn't mind - on the theory that I never wore the other one anyway.
  • no, so long as she likes it, thats all that counts.
  • When I got married, I got my wife's engagement ring, and both our wedding rings from Slovakia (my wife is Slovak).

    I always thought that UK jewellers overpriced their products, so we got a brochure from a posh UK jewellers, my wife picked the rings she wanted, and we then took the brochure to Slovakia, and had the rings made for us.

    The price in UK jewellers would have been about £2000.00, but we had them made in Slovakia for £150.00 (all hallmarked ect)
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