Do you all write down everything you spend?

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    i have kept a spending diary since the middle of february. i note down every time i spend anything. and i write in when direct debits are due to come out, so it is not the big surprise it used to be!
    i have found my spending diary most helpful in keeping track of how much money i lend to my boyfriend - i'm sure i used to forget and just let it go.
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    We keep an excel spreadsheet and try to budget any one off expenses for the month at the beginning and then we know how much spare cash we have (or don't have!) each day.
  • I write everything down in a spending diary. I have been doing this since the start of April. I have also then entered these transactions on to an excel spreadsheet. I have found this to be very useful as it has shown me where I can cut back on things.
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    I dont write everything down religiously, but do keep a mental note of what I'm spending.. So long as everything I spend is within my budget I dont mind too much - I dont want to be too obsessed over it all (again!!).. I subtract any debit card or credit card purchases from my budget & make sure I know exactly where I stand in terms of how much I have left, but I am not going to analyise every single penny (it would depress me too much!!).

  • **purpleprincess****purpleprincess** Forumite
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    I have a little notebook that I write every little spend down in and then put it into a spreadsheet! Sad I know but it really makes me see!!!
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    Hiya! I have started doing this as of my payday on the 27th have only been doing this for a few days, but have noticed that as I am writing EVERYTHING down...I am more aware of what I am spending and am refraining from wasting my money!!! Was so proud as had to pop into town at the weekend and only spent £2.56 - an absolute miracle!
    Long may it continue!
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    I use my (cashback) credit card for just about every purchase and record it religiously on my spreadsheet. I don't use cash very often these days and don't record those but I think I'll start. I hadn't thought about planning at the start of the month (duh!) - need to get another page organised on my spreadsheet
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    I have the Pocket PC version of MS Money on my PDA. If I'm out and about then every penny gets recorded in there, to be synchronised with Money later. It also helps that it gives me the current balance on all my accounts so I know if there's money available to me - I have a bad memory so this helps!
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    The best thing about keeping a record of spending in a notebook, I find, is that it makes me think twice before buying anything just because of the hassle of writing it down!
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    I have a spreadsheet which I put all my monthly payments into and any card payments or cash withdrawals. I do this every day. I get hubby to turn out his pockets too for receipts! :rolleyes:

    I religiously check this against my online banking every day too. Before I was this strict I was constantly going over my limit because i forgot about the odd £5.

    Even my 3 year old knows how rigid I am. When I'm sat at the computer she asks if I've checked the bank!
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