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  • Won't repeat the other posting about ebay/dress sales/DIy etc but I would say DONT GO TO HOBBY CRAFT!!!!

    THey are very expensive for what they offer, there are far better places to go. I used a factory shop in Langley Mill nr Notts for my stationary and you can get whatever colour/size/shape you want much cheaper and if you ring them then they ship all over the UK and the ladies will advise you. I browsed the site and made my choices but they told me about other options that saved me even more. I collected from them as I am not that far away, and they have a fantastic shop, and I could see that what I wanted wasnt what I needed iyswim, and that their advice had been spot on. Their cards are pre-folded too, I did pocket folds that were a doddle and they cut me the cards and papers to go in too. Thew do everything you need for DIY wedding stationary

    Also, alot of hotels are chains and have "one size fits us not you" wedding packages. So approach independent places and see what they can offer. We have a fantastic package from an independent because they can tailor to you, and arent beholden to a parent company when they decide their prices. and can also haggle where the chains can't.

    Our wedding, with 4 best men (don't ask lol). 2 ushers, 4 flower girls one pageboy, one juinior bridesmaid and one maid of honour and a 4 course meal for 90, from 4pm thru til 1 am will come in at less than £3000 including all of the clothes etc inc my dress (sample sale!)

    Oh another thought.....Debenhams have (right now) some lovely flowergirl dresses for £30-35 each in Ivory with butterfly decorations that could easily be colour customised. I have bought them and I got all my FG dresses for less than the price of *one* dress from a bridal shop and they are stunning :)
  • doig things yourself is always a great way to save money, finding friends that want to help out too.
    i am lucky enought to have a florist and baker in my family so that will be a great saving.
    go to local colleges and art schools they may have photographers training up that want to have a practice but are greatly priced
    see if the venue will do the name cards for you to save you the hassle
  • Unbelievable but true. At Halo Hotels in Scotland we are providing the entire wedding for an amazing £3,395 only. And I mean the entire wedding. All you need is someone to marry, something to wear and the rings!
    For only £3,395 we will provide a complete wedding experience for up to 80 day guests and you can add as many more as you please.

    Our gift to you includes:

    Piper on arrival and to introduce speaches
    Bridal make up and your pre wedding make up trial
    E invitations
    Printed Table Plan
    Printed Place Cards
    Printed Menus
    FREE room hire
    FREE Honeymoon Suite
    Red carpet arrival
    Cava and Canapes for all guests
    Gorgeous Five Candle Table Candleabra on each table
    Balloon Decorations
    Cava for speaches
    Master of Ceremonies
    Red or White wine for all guests with the meal
    Fantastic Four Course Meal
    Even your three tier circular or square, Ivory or Whte Wedding Cake
    Cava on arrival for all evening guests
    Evening buffet for 80 people
    Even the Disco

    And why are we doing this? Well we have won the outright Best Wedding Organising for the whole of Scotland with THE VOWS AWARD and we are celebrating with this amazing once in a lifetime offer.

    I look forward to welcoming you to view our beautiful premises, sampe our award winning service and give us te opportunity to give you the best and most affordable day of your life!
    warmest regards
    Anne Peters, Managing Director, Halo Hotels ltd.
    Or contact our Wedding coordinator, Ms Fiona Stark on 01786 832284
  • Instead of buying disposable cameras for your Guests to take shots when only 10% are usable, buy a pack of blank CD's and hand these out to your Guests, this way when they get home and download all their digital photos (nearly everyone I knew coming to the wedding had one) they can then send you the best ones, you then get all the CD's and then you can choose which ones you want to print off, or you can make them into a sideshow, add music, depending how good your Tech skills are.

    We got married in May and have been to two weddings since, and surprise surprise these people gave out CD's to their Guests, and said to us, what a good idea
  • We saved a fortune on our fresh flowers.
    Just searched for 'wholesale flowers' on google and bought the whole lot for a fraction of the price I had been quoted! Got the local church ladies to arrange them & they loved it!
  • musicals wrote: »
    Family and friends for entertainment? My only moneysaving no-no... I didn't want to have to smile and wince at the same time as my brother-in-law hit the wrong note yet again.

    We were lucky as our cousin was once a semi-professional saxophone playing so no wincing at all!
  • We got married midweek, midwinter, and it's amazing how many of our suppliers gave us a little extra for our money! The other things I would say is don't be bullied into doing things you don't want to (we didn't bother with favours, we just didn't see the point), don't be afraid to make things yourselves (our centre-pieces were home made with greenery from Mum's garden and some willing family help) and google, google, google to find what you want for the best price.
  • There are many savings you can make at weddings and most are from people you know helping out (borrow friends fancy cars, lottery ticket favours, etc) or by just a bit of negotiation.

    I am in the wedding entertainment business as a side line to my main job and here are the pitfalls to be careful of when you try and do it on the cheap.

    You book a cheap DJ and he has no PLI (public liability insurance) or PAT test. Your venue may very well tell him to go home.
    Cheap entertainment will have cheap equipment it may break down or it may sound awful.
    Cheap entertainment will not get your party going or make a real night of it. Save money on things like chair covers as nobody remembers the chair covers but they will remember a poor night do.
    Not all wedding DJ's are cheesey some of us work hard at our profession and thats why we cost. Get a recommendation or try and get to see them somewhere else. So leave yourself time to sort it.
    You need to book good entertainment early not as an after thought. We have dates in 2011 booked in already.
    Cheap may mean a no show when they get a better offer - no shows are almost impossible to cover during wedding season (when you start ringing round at 7pm desperate for someone to turn out).

    Yes you can get lots of things cheaper, but just be careful. Don't ruin your day.

    For £200 why risk it?
  • We got professional invites (but quite simple ones and ordered direct from printer), but made our own Order of Service booklets (I got navy card and a ream of cream paper, typed it up myself, copied it in early mornings using work copier and our paper (by agreement and was before "normal" hours so not interfering with work), and covered with the navy card which was stamped with a Celtic Cross in Gold ink (our colours were navy and gold) and used a gold pen to handwrite the date and our names), tied with gold chord from haberdashery.

    And then for Thank Yous, we didn't get cards. Instead, we got a box of headed notepaper with our new address and envelopes (which actually cost a lot less). We wrote a personal letter to everyone who gave us a gift, and then were able to use the remainder of the box for other letters while we lived there (and left the last 50 or so sheets on the mantlepiece when we moved a few years later for the new owners).

    Netting, sunflower seeds and some ribbon kept my mum happy making favours very cheaply.

    The hotel provided the cake - a 3-tier heart shaped chocolate cake!! Yum!! (I think they provided that free as a wedding gift to us - Dad dealt with them). we also booked the entire hotel for that night (small country house hotel) and used all the rooms (18) for various family (who paid themselves - just we made sure it was full). By arranging it about 6 months ahead, we were able to get hotel to agree to this as the local Lifeboat assoc wanted to hold a big dinner the previous weekend, but agreed to move to ours and we could both have the run of the place as the owner shut it to other visitors for the weekend.

    We didn't have an "afters" (didn't want one) but one of the family in the hotel was in a trad group who came in after dinner for a sing-song (did most Satrudays anyway). And we organised a string quartet from the Music College in the city 25 miles away to play when we arrived in the afternoon, which was cheap but really nice.

    Used my Dad's car to get to Church, and new DH's to get to hotel (my sis drove one and best man drove other). Just gave both a good clean and threw a ribbon onto them.

    FIL organised hot whiskies in pub across road from church afterwards (which was actually cheap enough as only charged for drinks bought) and we had photos taken in hotel then (mid-winter so couldn't really wander off across gardens, especially as lashing rain). We DID splash out on a good photographer though.

    I bought my dress in a boutique that was getting out of wedding dresses (she used to carry just a few) so got it for IR£250, including veil and headdress. Saw similar at the time for about £1,000 for just the dress. Bought plain white shoes in Christmas sale in local Dept store for £15. Men all rented suits but in a local rental place rather than a chain (who gave a good discount as locals and off season also).
    GC 2010 €6,000/ €5,897

    GC 2011:Overall Target: €6,000/
    €5,442 by October

    Back on the wagon again in 2014
    Apr €587.82/€550 May €453.31 /€550
  • I am having an afternoon tea to save money on a full sitdown and rather than have favours, flowers etc have decided to make the "food" that we would have to pay for anyway the centre pieces on 3 tier cake stands.

    As a bonus I have seen a reader offer in Period Living Magazine this month with a Vintage China Hire company called Vintage Teas and RSVPs offering 20% discount on hire for readers. The cake stands look lovely set up with little cakes so my tables wil hopefully look stunning without the need for too many extras.
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