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We are thinking of getting a self build conservatory and I have seen who look quite cheap and who seem some of the cheapest also we were looking at lean 2 as it seems the cheapest, or glass versus plastic roof. We probably wont get a radiator as it will suck the heat out.

Maybe underflooring heating is a bit too much. Any ideas and tips will be much appreciated. I also had a look on ebay!



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    Its a conservatory. Whatever heat you put into it will be lost quite rapidly. That's why they get so hot in the summer and so cold in the winter. They have virtually no insulation value in their construction, so heat can pass freely, both into and out of them.
    I can afford anything that I want.
    Just so long as I don't want much.
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    What 27col says is right. Also, it depends on how you want to use your conservatory - do you want to use it all year round?

    We recently bought a house, which we have had renovated, which had a conservatory and it had two radiators in. One side wall was built onto a store room so full brick wall. Back wall was the lounge wall. The other side wall was built onto the kitchen. The final wall facing the garden has a dwarf wall and three large windows and then the door on the return. It had a polycarbonate roof (which leaked) and the previous owners told us how it was stifling in the summer - the sun is on this side of the house from mid-day to sundown.

    Whilst we were having the renovations carried out we discussed the possibility of making this an all-year-round room with the builders. We replaced the roof with a slate one - we had steel supports put in across the windows and down the one corner to take the weight of a slate roof as per recommendation from the building control officer. This was insulated and there are two Velux windows. We still have the two radiators.

    The room has been quite comfortable on hot days (we have blinds at the windows but have yet to get some for the Velux ones), and on cooler evenings when we've put the CH on for comfort in other rooms the rads in the conservatory are keeping it comfortable and I have the computer in there and at the moment it is OK. The real test will be in the winter.

    We had the building control officer out last week to sign off our renovation and he saw the finished job on the conservatory (renamed the sun room) for the first time and said it was a much better idea than the original conservatory. He also told us that he is now going out to a lot of jobs where conservatories had been put up 7 or 8 years ago and people are now pulling them down for the exact reason 27col has said - too hot in summer, too cold in winter.

    I'm not telling you not to have one, that's up to you, just pointing out that many people are disillusioned with them once they are up.
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