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Firstly has anyone successfully managed to return a Dell laptop ? I've heard they are not the best at allowing anyone to return anything ? Secondly - this is the first time I've had Vista so not sure if this IS a vista fault or a laptop fault - but I've had a Dell Inspiron 17 for 2 weeks now and I've had 3 blue screen crashes. I am not happy about this !! I rang up the first time it happened and they took me through loads of things and said the computer was fine it had to be the website I was on, well the first time was a private message board I use with friends. Nothing at all dodgy about it, and Dell said it had to be some add on the website used, but NO add on is used ! and then today, it happened on Facebook and I'm just not happy at all. I had problems with turning on and off - sometimes the button does not work, the charger gets boiling hot and for supposedly top of the range model which I went for, I am not happy.
Do you think I could try and send it back ? Is this a genuine fault ? What do people advise ? Has anyone sent one back to Dell ?:confused:


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    Dell have had a lot of complaints, but I've got nothing but praise for them. I don't know a lot about lappies but it sounds like it could be overheating.
    Download a temperature monitor program which should be able to tell you
    Also Dell have a set of diagnostics progs which you could run.
  • Bluescreen's are indicative of many problems, but without the details it displays it's difficult to understand exactly what is causing the problem.

    Can you see if in C:\Windows\Minidump there are any files? Hopefully when the crash has occured Windows has created a file which contains everything that was happening at the time in order to troubleshoot the problem.

    If there are, you can email them to me and I'll look at the information contained within them to see if it's a software issue.
  • Don't bother with trying to diagnose the problem.
    i gave dell a long comprehensive list of error codes/diagnosis which they simply ignored and send a guy round to change bits or resore factory setting in the vain hope of clearing the error.
    i just kept calling them back after each blue screen until they replaced the whole laptop. The second one has been fine now for 18 months. i have vista, dont let them blame the software (after all they installed it)
  • This is a brand new laptop, not overheating. And only started on Friday. I had various conversations with them which said it was the website I went to, and now that it was a microsoft update. This update caused crashes on startup which my fault was not. I have however removed this update but I just am not happy.
    I'm a very computer novice - I had no problems at all with my old XP laptop - Dell - and wouldnt know how to get into any sections to find things. Dell took me through all the diagnostics over the phone and said that the computer was fine ! but then had another blue screen yesterday.
  • I have a new dell 6 weeks old with Vista, I managed to get a blue screen within 2 hrs of getting it. Turns out its vista being Carp or an anagram of that . I had to do a system restore to get it working again. What I did was install some normal Vista compatable software according to the program, and vista had a fit. Since then I have not had any problems with Vista other than a Browser issue where it dies for no reason and need to reboot to get it working again.
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  • This is a brand new laptop

    if they are insistant it not hardware related, tell them you want a full refund under the sale of goods act, as it is not suitable to run their pre installed software (vista), and unable to visit websites (laptops primary use) without rebooting.
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