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Ever had a fridge-freezer repaired?

...and is it worth it?

Hi all

Has anyone ever had a fridge freezer repaired, and was it worth the cost?

We have a Hotpoint FF, thats less than three years old. It's almost completely broken down as in neither the fridge nor freezer work. It cost us about £350 in a sale.

But it's in immaculate condition (just doesnt work!).

Is it worth getting it repaired?

The two firms we've contacted will only come out on a 'pay for quote basis' - that is if you don't have the repair done, you have to pay for the quote. Seems fair I suppose.

Anybody any advice???:confused:

Cheers all.:beer:

Naturally, neither will say what the quote is.
The atmosphere is currently filled with hypocrisy so thick that it could be sliced, wrapped, and sold in supermarkets for a decent price and labeled, 'Wholegrain Left-Wing, Middle-Class, Politically-Correct Organic Hypocrisy'.
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