Baxi 80He Pressure problem - auto air vent?

Hello all,

I'm beginning to get sick of our 3 year old Baxi boiler, after several previous faults a new one has appeared.

During the course of operation on DHW only over the summer, gradually the air in the system increases and the pump gets noisier until eventually you turn on the tap and the 'pump fault' LED flashes. After following the manual it suggests releasing air manually from the bleed screw - which i now have to do every 2-3 days. This used to be once a fortnight, then once a week and so on.

I once found a thread on MSE regarding replacement of the auto air release valve but after searching have found nothing since anywhere on the net. Would any of our resident plumbing experts be able to offer some advice or experience?

Much appreciated..

I am a building surveyor and will provide advice based upon what you tell me. It is just that, advice and not instructions. Based on the fact you're getting it for free expect it to be vague! :D


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