New diary: pregnant and finally sorting it out!

Evening everyone!

Ive been reading the DFW boards and diarys for ages now and decided to register and write one myself as well, hopefully it will help me keep on the straight and narrow....

About me...well im 24, single, and due to give birth in a week and a bit (eek). Not sure if im having a boy or a girl, cant wait to find out though. I got in to debt while at university, got tons of credit cards (7 was the most), and at one point had 3 over drafts as well.
My parents really helped me out with paying a lot of it off, but there is still a long way to go.

Ive ignored a lot of my debt for a long time, but now being so close to being a mummy, i really want to sort it out while my child is young...and where going to the park/painting etc (cheapy cheap...!) are entertainment enough. I dont want to be in a living hand- to-mouth situation when baby is going to be old enough to realise how bad ive been with money.

Ive loved reading all of your diaries, and hope mine wont be to dull. You've all been a massive inspiration for me to sort this out, your money saving tips and amazing organisation skills made me realise that theres no point in ignoring it any longer so a big thankyou to you all!!

Im just working on my SOA now and so will post it up here tomorrow morning.....

Feb grocery challenge- £71.25/£130


  • Hi Stargirl - sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment.
    I hope the remainder of the pregnancy and the delivery go well and you are soon home with your bouncing and healthy babe in your arms.

    Total debt at 01/01/2010 £34,262 (Excludes mega mortgage) Daily interest £12.42
    02/10 Now £3.12 due to repayments, BT and :money:
    Olympic challenge £5081/£28,000 (18.15%)
    Aim to lose 35 lbs from 01/01/2010 to 30/06/10 9.5/35
    1 debt in 100 days £2886/£3839
  • PrimulaPrimula Forumite
    953 Posts
    Good luck with everything. A lovely new baby - hard work but a joy too.
    Keep posting
  • Hi Stargirl!

    Just a quick message to say hello and wish you congrats on your pregnancy! I am quite new to the whole MSE malarkey as well and also love reading the diaries, they are so inspirational! :) I think its great that you are taking steps to sort out your debt now and am sure your 'little bump' will be v proud too :D Good luck with it all!

    ChocChip xxx
    DF Reward Pot £16/£110 :D
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