Ballpark figure for whole house renovation?

Hi all - hoping there are some builders out there who can help me...

We're house hunting at the moment, and one place we've seen needs TOTAL refurbishment due to the state it's in. (nothing done to it since the 1970s from what I can see, and not well kept either).

it'll need everything stripped out and then complete re-wiring, replumbing, replastering, new windows, internal doors, possibly new floorboards here and there or other new flooring. then obviously new kitchen and bathrooms plus maybe reinstating some period features (cornicing, fireplaces etc). plus redecoration inside & out. no idea about the state of the roof/guttering. no idea if there are other issues eg dry rot, damp. it's a victorian terraced house, about 2000 square ft, 2 recep, kitchen, 4 beds, 2 bathrooms.

I haven't really got a clue how much this would cost. can anyone give me a ball park figure? I appreciate this is very difficult without seeing the place but would really like to know whether it would be closer to £100k or £200k or £300k... or more??


thank you!


  • ormus
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    too vague im afraid. we need more info. where do you live? and what sort of of standard you need the bathrooms and kitchen.
    a rough budget here in the NW (basic finish), would be about 20k to say 40k max.
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  • pie81
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    ormus wrote: »
    too vague im afraid. we need more info. where do you live? and what sort of of standard you need the bathrooms and kitchen.
    a rough budget here in the NW (basic finish), would be about 20k to say 40k max.

    sorry, meant to say, London area (Balham) and I would be after a high end standard of finish/kitchens and bathrooms (the house would be worth about 850k once done I'd say so it's worth having a good standard)

    suspect that would push the figures up a lot!
  • macman
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    Impossible to give any kind of price on that info. For example, some people could budget a kitchen for 5K, others would spend 30K, similarly for a bathroom. New roof would depend on what materials you wanted (cement tiles a lot cheaper than English slate), windows could be UPVC or wooden you get my point?
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  • pie81
    pie81 Posts: 530 Forumite
    Ok, fair enough, do get your point.

    we'd be wanting to do the place pretty top end spec throughout so I guess £30k on the kitchen units & apps, £10-15k each bathroom, wooden sash windows (victorian style), slate tiles on the roof if needed, reclaimed old pine internal doors, solid wood/natural stone flooring, halogen spotlights throughout, etc etc ...

    however tbh i suspect that's not specific enough even so as it's just impossible to know what's wrong with the house. never mind, it was worth asking!!
  • Ionkontrol
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    I''ll do it for £150K.
  • Canucklehead
    Canucklehead Posts: 6,254 Forumite
    Good evening: You could easily spend £100k+....heating alone could top 10k if you go for an unvented cylinder scenario, quality boiler and reprod. rads...bathrooms the same.My OH's mate has a similar property in Balham which they renovated several years ago to a high spec...let's just say it helped to keep costs down by having friends in the trades.;)
    The key is to find a reputable contractor to pop round for a look-see and give you a full spec. quote.


    Ask to see CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering)
  • amcluesent
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    Get a copy of Sarah Beeny's Developer's Bible to price it up.

    As you're not talking about structural work with moving walls and putting in steels etc. then £75K to £95K would seem reasonable, with £20K contingency. If you're spending more than £150 for a refurb on a house worth £850K, then maybe you've got OTT.

    Of course if you get silly with £1K for a tap, excavating the cellar for a £25K home cinema, £20K for an all glass staircase...
  • themanbearpig
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    !!!!!! 100k?

    At least £20k, if you buy lots of second hand fittings. Upto £50k if you splash out on middle of the range stuff.

    There is a price point where price and quality intersect, and spending above this is just a waste of money. Unless of course you have unlimited funds, and are gullable enough to get drawn into "designer" fittings.
  • MrYorke
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    whatever you think it will cost, double it. Trust me on this. Keep a check on this thread and come back to me when your finished and tell me how you get on

    Goodluck. (if you need any joinery doing, give me a shout) (am i allowed to say that bit?)
  • pie81
    pie81 Posts: 530 Forumite
    thanks all. a range of views then! not surprising really.

    amcluesent, we probably would be wanting to do structural stuff, i.e. loft extension and extending kitchen into the side return. But I was leaving that out in my posts above to simplify things and also as I have a fair ish idea of the cost of that.

    TBH, I suspect we won't end up buying the place, as it's a bit too daunting a project for us (as you may have gathered I don't have much experience in this area ..!) but very useful to have all your views.

    thanks again
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