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Beef Silverside

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pandaonmyshoulderpandaonmyshoulder Forumite
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I bought a "Meat Pack" recently and there is some Beef Silverside in it, I want to cook it for the family roast on Sunday but how is best to cook it, don't "want it to cook to nothing"? I usually only buy Brisket and cook it in the SC.
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If you can make it cheaper do so. If it's not reduced, in Primark, off ebay or free I can't have it :rotfl:


  • Personally I would pot roast silverside or topside, as I would brisket, though I don't think it is as tasty. I don't think it makes a good "normal" roast - too dry. Or you could use it to make delicious salt beef. I did this few weeks ago with silverside and it was delicious.
  • tapladytaplady Forumite
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    Hi ! silverside makes a lovely roast ! I always wrap mine in silver foil and cook slowly, never had any problems with it.In fact we usually prefer this to topside for a sunday lunch!
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  • SystemSystem
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    Hi my sister brought a piece of silverside of beef, butterfly cut?

    What can i do with it other than pot roast it as a big joint?

    I was thinking beef oives maybe,antone have a recipe or ideas
  • Both Waitrose and Sainsbury's have joints of silverside for sale. I bought one and cooked it yesterday having done a quick google for a recipe on

    It was very good value, fed 4 inc 2 lads cost £7 approx, and lunches out of it too, but I found it to be very dense and not particularly tasty. Cooked it with loads of garlic, onions and a bottle of red, but the liquid just didnt seem to absorb into the meat.

    I seared it off first after having rubbed it with oil and seasoning, then slow cooked it for 31/2 hours, what could I have done better, would be tempted to buy another one if I could improve on it.

    Any suggestions
  • Butterfly_BrainButterfly_Brain Forumite
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    I find that if I cook it in an enamel roaster with a lid on it helps to keep the meat tender. My favourite way is to fill half way up with water and then sprinkle the meat with some all purpose seasoning it is really tasty. HTH
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  • 2boysmum2boysmum Forumite
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    We buy silverside every couple of weeks as DH loves it, I sprinkle a couple of oxo cubes on the top, then bung it in the oven for the recommended time on the pack. Makes a lovely gravy that way too! I also make sure the lid is on whatever roaster I use
  • Yep did all that, slow roasted with lid on....maybe I am comparing it a succulent roast and thats the problem, maybe its supposed to be like reminded me a little of saltbeef without the succulence.....just dense and dry, which isnt surprising as it has little or no fat
  • OlliebeakOlliebeak Forumite
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    Silverside is also the cheapest beef on the deli counters - but it's one of those that you either like or dislike. I love it, but my OH doesn't.

    Have to admit that I've never bought and roasted a piece of it - probably for that very reason. I just reckon that if it's the cheapest on the deli, then it could be tricky to cook and get it tender.
  • choillechoille Forumite
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    I always find it chuck - like old boot leather!
  • def not that tasty, even with a beautiful wine stock, just doesnt absorb the fluids.
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