Foreign Students as lodgers- help

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Hello fellow scrimpers/savers!!
You've always been the font of knowledge so here goes.... I've recently read somewhere about a family who are actying as a "host family" to a swedish college student- for which, their local council pays them a whopping £120 a week!!
Anyone have any experience of this?? I'm looking to rent a room out in my house and want some advice regarding the best way to go about it- dont want to end up like Pacific Heights!!!!
Much Obliged y'all!!
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    I know my mum used to have a student stay a few weeks a year and i think she did it through the church?? but they just paid a basic amount to cover food elec etc
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    If you are sure you can cope with strange teenagers in your house then give it a go! Make sure you know which house rules must be set in stone and those you may be more flexible about.
    A couple of my neighbours have opened their homes to overseas students from our local college. They have been predominantly Arab, but also Chinese and Indian lads. There are some dietary and cultural considerations and some have very little English when they first arrive. Our college has a January intake for those needing to take a 6-month English course prior to taking up normal courses in Sept. They are very supportive to host families and will quickly arrange transfers if things don't work out. Students either live as part of the family or have TVs/laptops in their rooms (no cooking!), but they only live there term-time.
    One neighbour has children of her own at University and they move back in when the foreign students leave! The other is a single lady, making her large house earn it's keep.
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    My mum did it all the way through my childhood. I ended up being a guide around the bay on the odd sunday and saturday when I had nothing better to do!

    Out of the loads of guests we had, only a couple kicked up (out of lots). A 19 year old from russia who liked clubbing until 2am every night and another chap from a country i forgotten who left within half a day for reasons unknown, he wasnt happy. On the plus side we had this German doctor who brought his own car over and used to take us out a fair amount.

    Our house wasnt fancy or anything, just clean and my mum provided breakfast and a dinner for when they were around (their timetable was packed).

    Its a good earner from what I have seen, its just down to whether you want strangers in your house or not.
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