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MSE News: 'Millions' made in parking penalty profits

This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Some hospital trusts are making over a million pounds a year from sky-high parking and penalty charges, an investigation has found.

In some cases, motorists are also smacked with up to £360 in penalties for ..."


  • peter_the_piper
    In Hastings parking starts at £1.00 for 1/2hour. They made over 900K in the last 2 years and thats just a small provincial hospital. The same one that wanted to close the A & E and Maternity units to save money. This would have left a 20-30 mile drive when in labour etc. The bean counters rule but very unevenly.
    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
  • budgetboy_2
    It's rediculous the price some clamping companies make people pay. Parking ticket costs are just as bad, but at least you can drive away with just a ticket.

    £95 is nothing though, compared to this guy who owns a wheel clamping company. He talks about things like £800 fines and multiple clamps on vehicles. I mean, come on! Why put more than one clamp on? Except to charge more money for removing them.:confused:

    Quite an interesting read though, definitely for anybody who has been recently clamped or has outstanding tickets. Why can't these hospitals just use a decent service like his?
  • daveyjp
    daveyjp Posts: 12,647 Forumite
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    Has anyone considered the costs of running a multi storey car park? Ironically one of the largest costs to an operator is business rates! Levied by HM Govt.

    If MPs are complaining abut hospital parking charges put in a private members bill to have business rates waived on hospital car parks - this would be a start.
  • Coblcris
    Coblcris Posts: 1,862 Forumite
    If they do not charge for the car park then they are not themselves liable to the business rate charge. The solution is in their hands should they wish to take it but they clearly prefer to make money from the sick, the relatives and friends visiting the sick and their own staff.
  • daveyjp
    daveyjp Posts: 12,647 Forumite
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    I'm happy to pay if it means I am ensured a place and it's safe, but when payment includes a huge sum towards govt business rates and VAT it riles me that MPs moan about high parking charges.

    The problem is there are other unavoidable costs to cover - repayment of capital to build the car park, lighting, cctv, general maintenance, repairs etc.

    So whilst it could be free would you be happy using an unlit multistorey car park without a lift in the middle of winter?

    I wouldn't. .
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