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Kitchen planning question

Hi, I have a question relating to laying out a kitchen.

The kitchen is quite small and it's a tight squeeze. The space on the wall in question is right to left one 600mm space, one 1000mm sink unit, and then a 600mm gap in the corner (under the worktop which comes back along the right hand wall in an L shape).

The plan is to use the first 600mm space for a freestanding fridge, this will be standing slightly proud of the worktop on the right. It's a tight squeeze, i.e. almost exactly 600mm wide, very little wriggle room.

Then a 450mm slimline fully integrated dishwasher (i.e. 500mm width I believe).

Then a 1000mm corner unit, so the first 500mm with a door and the second 500mm taking most of the 600mm under worktop space.

The sink will fit over the dishwasher/corner unit with the draining board on the left hand side.

The question is about how to fit the dishwasher. I don't think these fit into cabinets, but basically freestand bolted onto the worktop. But what is the best way of supporting the rightmost edge of the worktop given there is no supporting unit beyond it. I was thinking of a batten behind and an end panel attached to the wall and worktop with L pieces, but is there a standard solution to this sort of thing?


  • cally1_2
    cally1_2 Posts: 392 Forumite
    Did you know you can get a corner sink?

    A 1000mm corner unit with a blank needs more than 1000mm in order for the next unit around the corner to fit. Think it is another 100-200mm.
  • julieq
    julieq Posts: 2,603 Forumite
    Yes, I know about the corner, there's a 100mm overlap.

    I did look at corner sinks and there was one that looked like it might work but after a lot of headscratching we figured out it wouldn't. I can't remember the reason now. We can't use one of the larger ones which cuts across the corner because there's a washing machine that needs to slide in there anyway.

    The main problem to solve is ending the unit and supporting workspace before the space for the fridge, if we can do that I think we've cracked it.
  • cally1_2
    cally1_2 Posts: 392 Forumite
    You can get end panels to support the worktop. I have one where my dishwasher is and the worktop rests on this.
  • Meepster
    Meepster Posts: 5,955 Forumite
    You need to allow a minimum of 125mm voided space at the rear of a corner unit, as you need the extra 25mm to allow for a corner post on the corner unit, otherwise you will have a problem with doors colliding.

    The best solution would be:

    18mm end support panel, 600mm washing machine, 18mm end support panel, 450mm dishwasher with 450mm (not 500mm) fascia and then ta 900mm corner base unit. If youvwant to see what I mean, give me a shout and I'll plan it out for you...
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