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Please note that any new coupon posts - or coupon news - should be typed (preferably) in BLUE so that it stands out amongst the chat posts. Many thanks in advance!

Those of you who are brilliant enough to have found NEW coupons and wish to share them with the rest of us, please try to give as much information as possible:
  • link (obviously)
  • value of coupon
  • expiry date
  • number of copies possible
  • is a genuine email address required?
Thread index Fixed expiry

Expiry: September
** NEW ** Pedigree Puppy £1.68 + £1.79 + £1.30 (register a Small breed) [added 26 Aug] (EXP 2 WEEKS)

** NEW ** Pedigree Puppy 59p (Use registered details from above) [added 2nd Sept] (EXP 2 WEEKS)

** NEW ** Cafe Direct 50p (exp 13th Sept) [added 21 Aug] Multiprint but only access 3 times

** NEW ** Cow and Gate - £1[added 19 Aug] 2 copies Currently not working
http://www.cowandgate.co.uk/coupons/0070/17290 (EXP 7 Days)

** NEW ** Cow and Gate - 44p [added 20 Aug] 2 copies (EXP 14 Days) Currently not working

** NEW ** Cow and Gate 50p (exp 2nd Sept) [added 19 Aug] Currently not working

Baco - 20p (exp 30 Sep)
[click here]

Baco - 20p (exp 30 Sep) (on page 14)
[click here]

Compeed - 50p (exp 20 Sep) (prints 2 copies) [added 20 May] NB use a real email address!
[click here]

Summer Spirits - 50p (exp 30 Sep) (PDF coupon) [added 21 Jul] NB use a real email address!
[click here]

Expiry: October
** NEW ** Pharmaton £1 (exp 31st Oct) [added 19 Aug]
Various magazine coupons (exp 31 Oct) (PDF coupons) [added 16 Jul]
Expiry: December
Bacofoil - 20p (exp 31 Dec) (prints 1 copy)
[click here]

Heinz - 20p (exp 31 Dec)
[click here]

CIF - 50p x 2 (exp 31 Dec)
[click here]
[click here]

Kallo - 30p (exp 31 Dec) [added 11 May]
[click here]

Expiry: July 2010
Nurishment - 20p (exp 14 Jul 10) [added 1 Jul] NB Tesco ONLY
[click here]

Expiry: December 2010
Domestos 24HR - 35p (exp 31 Dec 10) [added 1 Jul] NB Tesco ONLY
[click here]

Domestos Grot Buster - 50p (exp 31 Dec 10) [added 1 Jul] NB Tesco ONLY
[click here]

Non-fixed expiry
Currently available on CouponNet http://www.couponnet.co.uk/
** NEW ** Canderel - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy)
** NEW ** Splenda - 50p (exp weeks) (prints 2) SIZE=2][COLOR=gray]added 3rd Sept[/COLOR][/SIZE
** NEW ** Entwine - 50p (exp 4 weeks) (prints 1) SIZE=2][COLOR=gray]added 28th Aug[/COLOR][/SIZE
Susso - 20p (exp weeks) (prints 2) SIZE=2][COLOR=gray]added 3rd Aug[/COLOR][/SIZE
Canderel - 30p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy)
Energizer Batteries - £1 (exp 1 month) (prints 2 copies) [added 20 May]
Surf (direct link) - 75p (exp 3 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [added 13 Jul]
Domestos 24H (direct link) - 35p (exp 3 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [added 15 Jul]
** NEW ** /It's Back New Scientist magazine - £1 (exp 7th Oct) (prints 2 copies)[Readded 7th Sept]
[click here]

** NEW ** /It's Back Carlsberg - £1 (exp 1 week) (prints 1 copy) [Readded 6th Sept]
[click here]

** NEW ** Naturecare - (upto) £3 (exp 4 weeks)(prints 2 copy ) [added 5th Sept]

** NEW ** /It's Back Airwick - £1 (exp ?)(prints 1 copy - then press F5 to print ANOTHER copy) [readded 5th Sept]

Susso - £1 + 20p (prints 2 of each) [added 3rd Aug]

Huggies - £2 (exp 1 week) (prints 1 copy) [added 5 Jun] NB use a real email address!
[click here]

Whiskas Kitten Pouch - £1.93 (exp 1 month) (prints 1 copy) [added 26 Apr]
[click here]

Whiskas Adult - £1.93 (exp 3 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [added 13 June]
[click here]

Purina 1 month challenge - 75p, £1 & £4.99 (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies) NB use a real email address!
[click here]

Energizer Batteries - £1 (exp 1 month) (prints 1 copy) [added 22 May]
[click here]

Anadin Liquifast - £1 (exp ?) [added 7 Apr]
[click here]

Neutrogena - £1 (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [added 8 Jul] NB use a real email address!
[click here]

Wilkinson Quattro Titanium - £1 (exp 1 month) (prints 1 copy) [added 29 Jul]
[click here]

Whiskas Kitten - 96p (exp 3 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [added 11 May]
[click here]

Rest in Peace Fred the Maddest Muppet in Heaven :heart:


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    Run out of space (AGAIN!!!) in the above post. So here are the coupons of less than 50p value. Scroll down for coupon 'headline' news.

    Velvet Toilet Roll - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies)
    [click here]

    Plenty - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy)

    [click here]

    Lil-lets - 50p (exp 1 month) (prints 1 copy) [added 3 Apr]
    [click here]

    ** NEW ** /It's Back Charmin - 50p (exp 1 month) (prints 2 copies) [Added 28 Aug]
    [click here]

    ** NEW / IT'S BACK ** Go Cat - 2 coupons via promo codes – 2000: 50p, 950:40p (exp 4 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [Returned 27th Aug]

    ** NEW ** Whiskas (kitten dry) - 30p (exp 3 weeks) (prints 1 copy)

    Dole Fruit Pots - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [added 7 Jul]
    [click here]

    Whiskas Temptations - 31p (exp 3 weeks) (prints ? copies) [added 26 Jun]
    [click here]

    Aunt Bessie’s Homestyle Chips - 30p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [added 1 Jul]
    [click here]

    ** NEW ** Aunt Bessie’s Batter - 30p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [added 2 Sept]
    [click here]

    Canderel - 30p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) NB currently not printing coupon

    Kenco - 30p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [added 6 Apr]
    [click here]

    Philadelphia Stay Fresh - 30p (exp ? weeks) (prints 2 copies) [added 17 Apr] NB use a real email address!
    [click here]

    Go Ahead - 30p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [added 21 May]
    [click here]

    Warburtons - 30p (exp 1 month) (prints 2 copies per email address per code) [added 15 Jun]
    (see here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here for info & codes)
    [click here]
    OR Enter competition for another 30p coupon [added 30 Jul]
    [click here]

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    This section is intended as a brief highlight of any important coupon news, to save people having to read through the whole thread (eg notification of coupons available to print again).

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    (3rd Sept 09) Pedigree It has been confirmed by Pedigree that Tesco DO NOT sell the 3kg Large dog bag of food DO NOT use the £3.80 MOC for this product. Tesco's PLC do sell all the other products including the pack of 300g tins, Pedigree have confirmed it is an error and the MOC should say 400g, and it should be accepted in stores for the 400g 6 pack.

    (17th Aug 09) Airwick may print again (£2 MOC off any product is being reported)

    (10th Aug 09) Airwick may print again (£2 MOC off any product is being reported)
    (7th Aug 09) Charmin may print again

    (3rd Aug 09) Energiser may print again.

    Look out for an email from Go-Ahead 2 x 30p,

    Try registering with Horlicks http://www.horlicks.co.uk/secure/tell-horlicks.aspx(site maybe having problems) some members have received 2 MOC's by email

    (30 Jul 09): It has been confirmed that the Pampers coupon was never intended to be downloaded and printed. So please DO NOT use it - it would be the equivalent of photocopying a coupon, ie fraud.

    (29 Jul 09): Check your emails from Plenty for "another chance to print 50p coupon" - open email and scroll down to find this link.

    (16 Jul 09): Discovery Fajita and Nachos Kit's have a code to print off a £2.00 Sol beer coupon.

    (15 Jul 09): Look out for an email from Hovis - it has a link to print 40p couponnet coupon. Prints 1 copy, valid 2 weeks.

    13 Jul 09): Badger Beer has a promo to win a Land Rover, and also gives a 50p coupon. A promo code from the neck of the bottle is needed.

    (8 Jul 09): Check email for Airwick £1 coupon. After you have printed 1 copy, hit refresh and you will be able to print another copy.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    AKA: PC

    Rest in Peace Fred the Maddest Muppet in Heaven :heart:
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    Store specific coupons

    ** NEW ** Rustlers - BOGOF [added 17th Aug] (Not store specific but must buy the product)

    ** NEW ** Mitsubishi Motors - Free Mug/DVD [added 5th Aug]
    http://www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk/special-offers/entryform-mug.pdf OR http://www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk/spe.../bolt-dvd.aspx

    Millies Cookies - Various [added 5th Aug]

    Airiwck Freshmatic - £1 (exp 3 weeks) (Asda only) (prints 1 copy) [added 7 Apr]

    Free Huggies Mum & Baby Bundle - worth £9.99 (Sainsbury's)

    Huggies Little Walkers - £3 (Boots only) (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [added 15 Jun]

    Angelcare Nappy Disposal System - £20 (Argos only) (exp 30 Sep) [added 18 Jun]

    Candia Milk - Free bottle (Sainsbury's & Somerfield) (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [added 26 Jun]

    50 Free summer snaps (Asda) (exp 30 sep) (PDF coupon) [added 27 Jun]

    ** NEW ** King of Shaves - 2 x £1 (Boots) (exp 31 Dec) (PDF coupon) [added 29 Jul]
    [click here]

    Gone but not forgotten....
    (This section has been added 'just in case' coupons become available again. Thanks to M4rtin for this great idea!!)

    Kettle Chips - 50p (exp 3 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [Removed 7 Aug] NB use a real email address!
    [click here]

    Andrex Kids - 50% off (exp ?) (prints 2 copies) [Removed 5th Sept]
    [click here]

    Dove - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [Removed 31st Aug]
    [click here]
    (also - register on the Dove website and be emailed a DIFFERENT coupon)
    [click here]
    [click here]

    Weightwatchers Yoghurts & Desserts - 20p (exp ?) [Removed 22nd Aug]
    [click here]

    Kettle Chips - 50p (exp 4 weeks) (prints 1copy) [Removed 22nd Aug]
    [click here]

    Corsodyl Toothpaste - £1 (exp 2 weeks) [Removed 20th Aug]
    [click here]

    Colgate - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [removed 1 Jun]

    Robinsons Fruit Shoots - 50p (exp 1 month) (prints 2 copies) [removed 5 Jun]

    Garnier Herbashine - £1 (exp ?) (prints 1 copy) [removed 13 Jun]

    Pedigree Better By Nature - £1.50 [removed 21 Jun]

    McCain - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [removed 21 Jun]

    Cathedral City Mature Lighter - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [removed 29 Jun]

    WKD - 50p (exp 1 month) (prints 1 copy) [removed 1 Jul]

    British Turkey - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [removed 3 Jul]

    Go Cat - 2 coupons via promo codes – 2000: 50p, 950: 40p (exp 4 weeks) (prints 2 copies) [removed 4 Jul]

    Nicorette Icy White Gum - 50p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [removed 29 Jul]
    [click here]

    McVities Minis - 30p (exp 2 weeks) (prints 1 copy) [removed 31 Jul]
    [click here]

    Coupons by post

    ** NEW ** Garnier sample and 75p MOC

    Pedigree Joint Care - 5 x £1

    Pedigree Puppycare - Free guide + MOC [added 11 May]

    Huggies Drynights - Free sample + MOC [added 5 Jun]

    Hipp Organic - Pack + MOCs [added 7 Jun]

    Gengigel - Info pack + £1 [added 7 Jun]

    Little Dish - Activity pack + 30p [added 7 Jun]

    Wrights - Newsletter, Calendar + 30p [added 13 Jun]

    Go-Cat - Free sample + possible MOC [added 13 Jun]

    Rosenborg - Calendar + MOCs [added 13 Jun]

    Flixsticks - Samples + MOCs [added 13 Jun]

    Twinings - Samples + MOC [added 13 Jun]

    John Freida - 3 x £2 [added 15 Jun]

    For Goodness Shakes - 2 x 20p [added 18 Jun]

    Bebivita - Free Weaning spoons + MOCs [added 21 Jun]

    Huggies Little Swimmers - Sample + £1 [added 21 Jun]

    Total Yoghurt - Info + MOCs [added 22 Jun]

    TENA Lady Maxi Night - Sample + MOC [added 26 Jun]

    Dolce Gusto - £3.28 [added 26 Jun]

    Cow & Gate Mum & Baby Club - Stuff + MOCs [added 26 Jun]
    (enter code MB0709C to receive cuddly cow)
    (MOCs sent out when baby is aged: 4mths, 6mths, 9mths and 11mths)

    Guinness - News + MOCs [added 26 Jun]

    Jordans - Sample + 50p [added 1 Jul] NB use a real email address!
    (This was previously a printable, but they now just send by post)

    Financial Times - 4 weeks for £1 [added 13 Jul]

    Colourcatcher sample and 35p MOC [added 2nd August]

    Lillets sample and 25p MOC [added 10th August]
    AKA: PC

    Rest in Peace Fred the Maddest Muppet in Heaven :heart:
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    FAQs & Policies
    Coupon FAQs
    (also see here for another source of info.)

    Q: Where can I use the coupons?
    A: Tesco and Waitrose stores will accept coupons without purchasing the product (further info here or here). See below for a copy of the Tesco national policy. See here for info on spend-and-save vouchers.
    Contributed by: Coupon-mad

    Q: How do I know how many coupons I can use?
    A: This varies from store to store. Sometimes it's a percentage of your shop, or it's limited by number of coupons you can use at any one time. Some stores are better than others, try all stores in your area and shop in the one that suits you best. Ask at Customer Services what their in-store policy is.
    Contributed by: Bullshot

    Q: How many coupons can I print?
    A: Most couponnet-type coupons are only available to be printed once (or twice if you click ‘no’ when asked if it printed successfully). Any PDF or JPG coupons can usually be printed as many times as you like (remember to save them to your computer, just in case the online version disappears!).
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: Is there any way to get more couponnet-type coupons?
    A: Yes, but only if you have access to another computer(s). The coupon software knows how many times each individual computer has printed the coupon. Also, see here.
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: What constitutes ‘abuse’ of the coupon policy?
    A: Examples of abuse are: using out-of-date coupons; splitting shopping into several loads and using duplicate coupons on the same day; photocopying or scanning coupons. Abuse may result in the store taking action against you personally (eg banning you) and ultimately may affect the coupon policy for all coupon users. (This Q&A should be treated as a guideline only. The subject of 'splitting' shopping loads is NOT specifically referred to in the Tesco policy. However, anecdotal evidence would suggest that stores frown on this. Just use your best judgement in order to stay 'under the radar'.)
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: I'm new and nervous..any hints?
    A: See here for info.
    Contributed by: Coupon-mad

    Q: My coupons were refused, any advice?
    A: See here or here for info.
    Contributed by: Coupon-mad

    Q: My Couponnet coupons were refused, what can I do?
    A: If you are refused a Couponnet coupon whilst trying to buy the product, use this link to tell couponnet. They will send a re-training pack to the store.
    Contributed by: Veggiecar

    Q: How do I know if Tesco stocks the product on the coupon?
    A: Sign in or register here and do a search.
    Contributed by: Veggiecar

    Q: I'm having problems printing couponnet coupons...any advice?
    A: See here or here for info.
    Contributed by: Veggiecar

    Q: The PDF prints are too big or small and fuzzy....any advice?
    A: See here or here for info.
    Contributed by: Veggiecar and Coupon-mad

    Q: Does it matter if the coupon is printed in colour or black & white?
    A: Technically it should not matter, however some staff automatically equate black & white prints with photocopies - which are NOT permitted.
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: Do I need to use my real identity (email, etc) when registering for printable coupons?
    A: Where possible, the 1st post will indicate whether a genuine email address is required or not (eg when verification is required by clicking a link in a received email). However, in most cases it it ok to use a false email address, since most of the coupons print instantly.
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: Can I use coupons on the self-scan checkouts?
    A: No reason why not - but it's advisable to check with the self-scan supervisor to be sure.
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: What or who is a "Trout"?
    A: TROUT is the expression used by people on here for cashiers of a certain age, usually female, that are miserable for the sake of being miserable, unhappy in their work, jealous of people with mocs and do their level best to prevent anyone using coupons...try your very best to avoid them at the checkouts......(See here also.)
    Contributed by: Bullshot & Coupon Tilly

    Q: Where else can I get coupons from, apart from printables?
    A: Check the daily newspaper thread & magazine thread. Also try the 'products with coupons' thread, here. Also, join the Tesco clubs - see here.
    Contributed by: Dr.Who-Who and Bluewkd

    Q) Where else can I get coupon apart from printable one.
    A) You can always look at freebie forum link here sometime the promoter send the sample with coupon attached to it. example : Nivea, Clipper tea, any many more.
    Contributed by: Dr.Who-Who

    Q)I heard you can get coupons from breakfast cereal

    Nestle Pikapaks are 8 small boxes of cereal wrapped in cellophane..similar to Kelloggs Variety.
    For quite a while now there has been a 25p moc on the back of each individual packet.Price varies but they are £1.36 at the moment in Tesco and the mocs total £2.Please check the barcodes of each moc as only 1 of each may be used per shop, unless buying the product, then usual conditions apply.
    Most with sell-by dates of 11/09 12/09 01/10 02/10 have 6 of the 8 mocs that can be used per transaction( ie 3 are for the same product, so you may only use 1 of those 3 with the other 5 different ones)
    Recently purchased Pikapaks sell-by date 03/10 now appear to have only 4 different barcodes...please be check before using them.
    The mocs have expiry date of 01/11...so you can safely stock up if you can still get them in your store....
    The mocs are on the backs of each small packet...if you slide 2 packs together inside the cellophane, you should be able to see a black dotted line (and maybe a pair of scissors icon) very close to the back edge of the packs.Once you have bought a pack, it will be very obvious what you are looking for.It takes a few moments and you may have to scrunch the box edge a little, but this will ensure you have £2 worth of excellent mocs.Hope this helps....

    Contributed by: Bullshot


    (Grateful thanks go to rosebud982 for hosting the following document.)


    Accepts coupons without buying the product. Copy of policy not available.

    Only accepts coupons when you buy the product.

    Only accepts coupons when you buy the product.

    Only accepts coupons when you buy the product.

    Only accepts coupons when you buy the product.

    It should be noted that MOST stores (even those not mentioned above) will accept coupons PROVIDED THAT YOU BUY THE PRODUCT.
    AKA: PC

    Rest in Peace Fred the Maddest Muppet in Heaven :heart:
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    It is ALL to do with the info couponnet sends to the printer...they have safeguards in place to ensure that the coupon cannot be stored electronically and re-printed as often as the user wants!

    In my experience on several machines:

    Couponnet works fine...... if you are using Mozilla firefox and Windows XP

    Couponnet works fine if you use Mozilla firefox and windows vista as long as you only have one printer, and no software printers/faxes installed.

    Couponnet works fine...... if you are using Mozilla firefox and Windows98

    Couponnet will not work on linux, with ANY browser.

    So the problem is not at the couponnet end(apart from when they managed to block us all, after the Warburton glitch!)...it is with the ever changing browser compatabilities, and how we operate our systems.....
    If the couponnet system does not recognise something, it will not allow the print to go through...and quite rightly so, IMHO.

    If you have a browser that works....keep it for couponnet....load another one for other browsing if you like....or if the new one doesn't work.....go back to your old one.....use the windows refresh option, to go back to an earlier time. (programs/accessories/system tools/system restore).

    I posted last night about Vista printer issues...if it applies to you....try it.

    also from the couponnnet site

    Is my printer supported?

    Please note that ONLY paper based printers are supported. Flash, Adobe/PDF, Queue stackers, File printers etc are not supported due to fraud protection measures.

    Please check your printer settings to make sure your default printer is a regular printer. The coupon must be printed to paper. Some printer drivers (this will be displayed in the error message) have an option to print to a file that cannot be circumvented. For security reasons, these printers are not supported. If you have a multifunction printer (fax, copy, print), please make sure the printer function is the default printer on your computer.

    Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your printer!!! and that they are for the correct operating system...if you are unsure...download the latest drivers from your manufacturer's website, uninstall and re-install using the new drivers.

    I have had a number of issues, on a number of computers, and all have been able to print fresh couponnet coupons.
    It is all detailed on this thread or the previous ones, but the main things are as stated above......use firefox, use ccleaner to uninstall, clean out all rubbish and clean the registry (several times), re-boot,install couponprinter and start printing again.

    If you get stuck, couponnet have most of the answers on their site......but they don't know what you have on your system....and they have to safeguard theirs!
    Also from couponnet site for info:

    Why couldn't I install the Coupon Printer?

    If you are experiencing problems installing the Coupon Printer there may be a few reasons:

    1. You may not have permission to download programs on your computer or you are using software that blocks the installation
    If you are trying to print coupons at work or from a computer at a library, Internet cafe or university, you may not have permission to download and install programs onto the computer you are using. This may be true even if you've downloaded and installed other files. Contact your network administrator for more information. If you have a home computer, you may find it easier to access our coupons there.

    You might also be running software that prevents installation on your computer. Please make sure to turn off any anti-virus software or any anti-spyware or adware software. While we have attempted to work with most of the major publishers of such software to ensure that our Coupon Printer is not blocked, there may be programs that block the installation, or put up a warning that you are about to install a program. You should choose to allow the installation.

    2. The security settings in your browser are set too high
    If you receive warnings or errors that an attempt to install and ActiveX control (Internet Explorer) or a plugin was blocked, or are asked for permission to install a program, you may need to change your browser's security settings to allow installation of these types of controls. Also, make sure to click the appropriate buttons in any dialog boxes that appear to allow the installation. Modern browers make you jump through a few hoops to install plugins, but it's worth it!

    3. Your operating system or browser is incompatible
    Coupon printing is currently supported on Windows 98, NT4, 2000, ME, XP and Vista when used with Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 7+, FireFox 1.0.7+ and most MSN and AOL browsers. Coupon printing is also supported on Macintosh when using Safari under OS X 10.3 and higher. Coupon printing is not supported by the Compuserve 2000 7.0 browser. While connected to Compuserve, use Internet Explorer or another browser to print your coupons. Coupon printing is not supported on Linux or WebTV.
    It's nice to be nice .....:beer:
    You HAVE checked google before asking, haven't you?;)
    If you use the "search this thread" button at the top of the page, you may find it's been answered already!;)
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    FAQs will be posted here

    *.......Where can I download the coupon printer....you will be prompted to load in before you print coupons, or you can download from here

    *.....where can I get firefox?....... from their home site

    *.....where can I get ccleaner?.....you could always try googling...or if you want everything on a plate you can get it here

    *....VC are you on commission from these people?.......not at all, these links go directly to the company sites, with no affiliation links

    * ...can you recommend a good free anti-virus?....... there are several around, I personally use avast

    *.... How can I print the coupon policy from the above post....
    veggiecar wrote: »
    Assuming you are using windows....
    right click on the policy
    copy image
    open up word processor
    click on document
    paste image (CTRL +V)
    then you can print in your normal way:beer:
    FAQ2............................it doesn't really matter what the question is the solution is normally the same
    solution ditch IE and load Mozilla firefox

    solution...uninstall coupon printer using CCleaner, clean the registry, while you are at it, then reboot your system
    Originally Posted by Lovely Lisa viewpost.gif
    Have you recently updated to verson 8 of Internet Explorer? As I had this recently. All you need to do is click on 'run add-ons' (as directed on screen) and all starts working again. :j Good luck
    Originally Posted by Lovely Lisa viewpost.gif
    Mine slowed down alot when I installed IE8, so much so that my friendly little "fixes my computer" man :A had a look and he just did - Internet Options/Advanced/Reset - and now all lovely jubbly.

    And yes I think we should have seperate thread for technical problems as can be a bit boring to read _pale_.
    Originally Posted by madmuppet5 viewpost.gif
    Before attempting to print coupons make sure ya printer is plugged in :D
    Originally Posted by tescoisace viewpost.gif
    quote kev180 I updated to IE8 but found that it slowed down my PC. I uninstalled IE8 and reinstalled IE7, which I am going to stick with. I think that my original prob is due to couponet allowing me to select coupons that I have already printed, then saying I haven't printed before ( as if ! ) then telling me to install coupon printer. I still haven't solved it yet. Maybe I'll uninstall and reinstall Coupon Printer

    hi kev,
    i had this problem once, exactley the same as you, i was on IE7 xp then, only thing that stopped it, was to uninstall my printer, and re-install. worked a treat.
    Mel2500 wrote: »
    At last, after weeks of installing, uninstalling, turning things off and on and cleaning them (not in the dishwasher), I have finally got Couponnet to work again on my computer. Well actually the OH did it. It was something called a Webguard on my antivirus product we think, even though Couponnet are posting a message saying that they are not yet compatible with IE8. Thanks to Veggiecar and Lovely Lisa for all the hints and tips.

    I want to subscribe to this thread on this forum, and find out when there is a new post....how do I do it?
    At the top of the thread page there is a green bar...press the following buttons
    *....Thread tools
    *....subscribe to this thread
    *....at notification type...use the arrow to come down to "instant notification by email"
    *....Press add subscription

    How do I search for info on this forum? Go to the top right of the page and type in your search info , press the button for "forum" and press the search button...even better....read this post from sra

    Here is a beginners guide to the forums also from sra
    josie wrote: »

    Just a tip to save ink with pdf coupons - you only need print out the cut out bit with the actual voucher and barcode on.

    Save it to your PC first as a pdf and then click on the little camera icon to activate and then highlight the bit you want. This will then copy just that section and you can paste into Excel (or Word, but I find Excel easier to manipulate) and then print about 3 or 4 per page.

    If you can't see the camera icon, you can add it to your toolbar, by going into Tools\Customise toolbars and select it from there - bottom option on mine.

    It's nice to be nice .....:beer:
    You HAVE checked google before asking, haven't you?;)
    If you use the "search this thread" button at the top of the page, you may find it's been answered already!;)
  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Ambassador
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    thought it was time for a new thread

    old theads here

    I’m a Forum Ambassador and I support the Forum Team on the Shopping & Freebies, Over 50s Moneysaving and Phones & TV boards. If you need any help on these boards, do let me know. Please note that Ambassadors are not moderators. Any posts you spot in breach of the Forum Rules should be reported via the report button, or by emailing [email protected]. All views are my own and not the official line of MoneySavingExpert
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    Thanks Princess Coupon a great job , greatly appreciated for everything you do:T:A:T:A
    Also thanks to browntoe and VC:T:A
    I will take up VC's cause cos you shouldn't really ask for thanks for yourself:eek::D:rotfl:

    Be thankful for what you have because it could all be taken away tomorrow.;)

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    For updates when honey away, photo to keep all amused in the meantime
    Be thankful for what you have because it could all be taken away tomorrow.;)

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    Fancy a pint? Pls check the area 1st before you apply.


    10,000 pints of Foster's or Kronenbourg 1664 to be claimed!

    erms and conditions
    Click here to read the terms and conditions »
    There are up to 10,000 pints of Fosters or Kronenbourg available in total. Limited availability for each pub. Applications for Free Pint vouchers starts 31st July 2009, (vouchers will be posted from 5th August) and closes when all vouchers have been claimed or 4pm, 4th September 2009 whichever is first. Allow 7 days from application to receive your voucher. Maximum 1 voucher per household.

    Voucher can only be used at the outlet specified and entitles customer for ONE free pint of Kronenbourg 1664 OR Fosters, and cannot be exchanged in whole or part for cash.

    Offer available during normal opening hours, Monday to Thursday only between 10th August 2009 and 24th September 2009 and only in the outlet specified to a person age 18 years and over.

    Offer subject to availability, ask at bar before you order. Not all pubs stock both Fosters and Kronenbourg 1664.
    RIP my dear dear parent : Mum aged 62 (17/5/1990) & Dad aged 89 (23/1/2012)

  • woohoo new thread!!:j

    for tea tonight swan had fresh tuna with new pots...mmmmmmm
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