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Child Tax Credit 3 Children all over the age of 1


I have just went through the hrmc calculator which gave me a total of approx £1700 with a household income of £30k but the hrmc guide gives a tax credit figure of £2590 how I wonder does it arrive at different figures?

This now has me thinking that we have been overpaid because the hrmc calculator is saying we should have only got x...... I have renewed already just waiting for the dreaded letter now.

Anyone got any ideas as to why there is such a big difference in the figures?


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    Maybe it's because,like a lot of calculators,it is giving you the amount still eligible for the rest of this year? If you go onto for instance,on April 1st it will give all the allowances for 12 months-but if you go on in October it would be around half as half the year has gone!
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