Ground cinnamon, Ground nutmeg and minced garlic, What can i do with these??

Just found these 3 unopened jars in my cupboard. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.


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    all three together? good in lamb dishes, especially lamb moussaka - the cinnamon sparingly in the meat mix and the nutmeg grated over the top before baking. Cinnamon a good addition to curries.

    cinnamon and nutmeg - great for biscuits, rice puddings, milky drinks

    hope these start you off
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    would anyone have any recipes to use them in? Thanks
  • Add a little cinnamon to a standard chilli con carne recipe to lift it a bit- (I put chilli, cumin and coriander powders along with tomatoes, beef stock...fry a bit of the minced garlic with your mince and onion)

    Minced garlic can be used in place of fresh in most recipes- curries, bolognese, chinese stir fries but be careful as some brands can be very strong, so might not work so well for garlic mushrooms or bread.

    Nutmeg goes well in bread and butter pudding, rice pudding, egg custard- I'm guessing there are recipes for these basics in the recipe index, sorry don't know how to link...
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    Nutmeg in white sauce for italian recipes - it great.
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    Delia Smith beef stroganoff requires nutmeg. For some reason her recipe is not Googling at the moment but its there as I have used it many times.
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    use minced garlic in place of butter on toasties, or my favourite i spread it on a tortilla, add baked beans and some cheese and fold up boritto style, nuke for a minute to melt the cheese
    mmmmmm delicious!

    nutmeg can be used in anything you'd put cinnamon in and that includes savoury items like chilli as mentioned above or curries for a little oomph without the heat

    garlic can and should be used in darn near everything savoury and oddly enough tastes pleasant with chocolate to follow ( i know it sounds odd but try eating something really garlicky then eating chocolate, oddly pleasant!)
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    I use lots of cinnamon. in sweet and savory dishes, but if you want something quick and simple, cinnamon toast isn't the worst way to use it, I very lightly toast the bread, butter and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon and sugar (to taste) and return to the grill for a moment. Doubtless there's a better way, but this suits me. :) Cinnamon is also great with tot of rum in cocoa.

    Similarly numeg is nice in hot milk, or rice pudding, but I used it liberally with spinach and occasionally with cheese sauces.
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    I put either cinnamon or nutmeg in filter coffee on occassion, both will also go in carrot cake.

    I haven't had cinnamon toast for years but I love it! We used to make it at guide camp for breakfast :)
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    Hi, Ooh garlic doesn't last 5 mins in our house & minced garlic even quicker and easier to use. I put it in everything - all soup, stews, daals, curries, home made burgers - veggie or meat, in toasties, on the base of homemade pizza, homemade garlic bread, mix into mashed potato... ooh I could go on.

    I use nutmeg in all my cheese based dishes - I make my own cheese sauce for lasagnes, macaroni & cheese, cheesey potato bake, veggie bake. Nutmeg brings out the flavour really well.

    Cinnamon I use loads in homemade fruit crumbles, strudles, tarts...

    Best of luck...
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    cover chicken with olive oil, salt, pepper, sprinkling of cinnamon, sliced onion and tomato. Stuff chicken's bum with onion and maybe lemon. Bung in oven. Roast till yummy. Serve with potatoes and carrots.
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