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Now i am beginning to get the hang of this online billing system, i can put in my meter readings on Mondays, and on Tuesdays i can tell exactly how much gas and electricity i have used in the week.

Now i am in the process of emailing Scottish Power, as due to a c0ck up on their part, i now owe about £300 on the one utility, which will have to be paid in the settlement quarter in October. Now i dont really want such a big bill so i have emailed Scottish Power, to see if i can make a few Direct Payments out of my bank account. I dont want to increase the Direct Debits again, as its took me 5 months to get them to take the right amount out. >:( (Hence the huge bill).

Anway, i was thinking, if they say i can make direct payments as and when, then i could drop the Direct Debits to a minumum (Say £5 a week per utility), and depending on my weekly/monthly usage, i could make the short fall up by Direct Payment. I use about £8 a week electricity, and last week i used £2's worth of gas (thank goodness for the new roof and more double glazing, its saved me a fortune in heating bills).

So in effect, if they let me, i can pay exactly what i use. No huge settlements for me, and they dont get more money than they are entitled to.

What do you think? Do i need to get out more? :(


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    Yes u do need to get out more, lol

    I'm sure that you energy could be betta spent on other money saving ventures, rather than worrying if they have a few pounds of yours.

    (If you worried about them holding a credit this much then settle your account and start a new DD just b4 your heavy winter usage, U'll always be in debt to them paying this winter usage of all summer)

    But should u wish to change supplier then u may regret running a debt.

    I say what I like, I like what I say!
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