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I work with rare heavy horses and have offered to lend my services to the charity on Sunday by doing a charity stand at the local county fair down the road. but I need some help and don't have many days left.
I have decided to sell lollipops with all proceeds going to the charity my one problem no lollipops and no idea where to get them from i was tryng to find biggish ones so i could sell them for a little more
Any ideas would be greatfully recieved.

Thank you in advance


  • I know places like Home Bargains do bags of sweets and lollipops.

    What we do is turn a cardboard box upside down and stick the lollypops through half way. Mark every 5th lollypop with a marker or something below the line of the cardboard. If they pick a marked one they get a slightly better prize otherwise they just keep the lolly. Keep topping up the blank ones.

    Put up a poster, prize everytime.

    Not sure what you were hoping to charge but you may be able to charge a little more again.

    Good luck
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    I'd try my luck at a cash and carry for the lollies and if they wont help(think most are strict about shops only) you could always ask at your local sweet shop if they would supply at cost the lollies and you never know if you turn on the charm they may cover the cost.
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