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Hi I thought I would post this as I think it is a great way to help out. This is run by the UN world food programme. For every question you answer correctly, they donate 10 grains of rice. Up to now I have earned about 3000 grains of rice, it may not sound much but will be of real help. Overall yesterday they earned 15. 5 million grains!!!!

It is so easy too, all you have to do is answer multiple choice questions about vocabulary, go on have a go Vocabulary&t=416153933088
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  • davesterdavester Forumite
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    There are an average of 36,590 rice grains in a Kilogram

    so thats 42.3kg of rice
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    Is this not your link, which only you should donate with. It appears to me that you are trying to get your own score up as a competition we don't know about?
  • lynzpowerlynzpower Forumite
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    no not at all

    you just play the game and the sponsors donate the rice/

    There is no "prize" for the OP !
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    These things are always a basic promotional execise, the rice has already been donated, but they ask you to answer questions in a cynical attempt to educate you by staying on the site.

    You, as a single person answering questions, are achieving nothing.
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    I remember this or something very similar a year or so back posted on MSE, it was all the rage back then if memory serves me. A good way to earn rice we all thought.
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