The real 4th emergency service

Just wanted to add my penny's worth.
Mountain Rescue Service. (search and Rescue). Did you know:
Mountains are the rare call outs:

Many times a week the volunteers get called out by police and ambulance services to find lost kids, pensioners and those with mental health isssues. Walkers, Mountain Bikers, runners, water rescue, hang gliders, just about any incident where the 'public' services have no experience or staff to cover. Snow storms in Manchester, suicides in Lancashire,
1000's of hours of first aid training
some are paramedic trained but not paid. all are hero's that are thought to do this as a hobby, where as it is a vocation.
IF YOU GO OUT AND ABOUT ON A REGULAR BASIS why not visit the website and become a friend of Mountain Rescue.
they have the experience, the staff and the dedication to bring you home
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