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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of scrap stores? I was hoping to find an affordable one as close to me as possible (Im in Surrey). The first I phoned (in Worthing) charge £70 a year plus £10 registration fee, i could buy craft kits cheeper than that compaired to how much we would use it.

I think they are a great idea, but there must be an affordable one somewhere. When I first heard about them the one closest to me used to be about £10 I think. Anyone know of any?
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    Well, there always USED to be one in Guildford, but I can't find it on this list.

    I think it was called SCRAPP (Surrey Community and Recycling Play Project) and a bit more searching tells me the lease on its building ran out in 1998, so maybe it died then?

    I am not sure whether they are good value for individuals or not: they really come into their own if you are working with groups of children. The one in Bristol also gives a discount in the shop they run alongside, which might make it better value.
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    There used to be one in Morden - summat to do with little critters!! erm! Squirrels I think it was. Googling scrapstores should help you find it!!

    Otherwise only know of local one we use in Manchester a bit far for you tho'

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    I used to use the Morden one for a kids' club but they started restrciting the no of matching items you could take after someone alledgedly used some new Nivea tubs to make into fake products (or so I was told), so we couldn't get matching items for all out kids to do the same project - loved the place though, good luck finding one near you
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