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What can i do in Milan?

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talksoccertalksoccer Forumite
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Just been given a great xmas present and been told i can go to milan to watch the Milan vs Man United match.

Booked my flight and will be there for 4-6 days, but i was wondering is there anything i can do there. Its a very old city with a lot of historic features but is there any good shops, beaches, clubs or women :) to see ;D

Thanks for the help and happy christmas to you all.
Charles J


  • Hi there

    I've been to Milan a couple of times, though it's been a while now.

    The most dominant feature of the city is Il Duomo, ie the cathedral. It's very hard to miss, and you'll probably use it as a landmark. I think it's also where the two tube lines cross. Even if you're not religious it's worth having a look round. You can do a rooftop walk, tickets sold separately - I think if you walk around the outside you'll see the door to the lift up and you can buy your ticket there.
    If you're standing on the front steps of the cathedral look to your right and you'll spot a covered entrance. Go down there, there are lots of posh shops. It's x shaped and a bit like Leadenhall Market in London. When you get to the middle look to your left - there's a hole in the ground. Superstition has it that if you put your heel in the hole and spin around you will one day return to Milan. You'll see other twits doing the exact same thing.
    For some cheaper, funkier shops again from the front of the cathedral go right but go almost down the side of the cathedral.
    The are no beaches in Milan as it's inland.
    The women have a very Italian/Milano chic about them - very smart and stylish attire at all times. Some of the women are gorgeous apparently, I was too busy gawping at the men.
    You could have a look at the castle - Il Castello - I can't remember if you can get in or not, but it's a pleasant enough excursion.
    There is the "Last Supper" painting - a very important national treasure, which is worth having a look at. It caused a lot of controvosy in recent years as it was cleaned but certain groups were afraid that cleaning it would ruin it. I think it survived...

    Bear in mind that Milan's galleries, museums and most shops shut on a Monday, if not all day definitely in the afternoon.

    There isn't that much to do in Milan, so no need to go mad running everywhere, you've got lots of time to see all the important things as well as some of the less major landmarks.

    Have a lovely time!
  • Walk around Milan slowly - it is very compact- but magnificent.

    Head to the APT Tourist Office,Via Marconi 1 - back to the main entrance of the Doumo and look left. Loads of free information on what to see and do with leaflets and maps etc., Can also book tours. Close at 13.00 for an hours lunch.

    Tickets for the Teatro alla Scala can be bought from an office within the Doumo metro station- follow signs to the ATM Point. 12noon - 18.00.

    See all the main sights then take off around the back streets and you will stumble upon really interesting architecture and some of the chicest and most elite boutiques in Milan. Shopping around Via Montenapoleone is much like finding yourself on a runway at a fashion show.Not only do the shops display beautiful thinks, your fellow shoppers are also advertisements for some of the biggest names in luxury fashion. A real experience and great fun.

    I suggest you take the train, from the Stazione Nord close to the Castello to Lake Como for the day. It is a location that is renowned for the outstanding beauty of the lake,its wonderful villas and botonic gardens, and its traditional production of fine silk products. From Milan the train journey is just under 1 hour. There is a great market on Saturday mornings and super shops in lovely surroundings. You would also have time to take a boat trip to Bellagio - heavenly sleepy traditional place.

    As you come out of Como Stazione the Ferry is just along the prominade and the pink Villa Olma stands proud just over the harbour - take a nice slow walk around the prominade to admire the gardens.

    If you are looking for cheap accomodation I can give you information about International Youth Hostels in Milan and Como - I am 50+ and have been using them for the past couple of years and I have had some super holidays.They are cheap,clean and great fun.

  • If you like clubs, pubs and general night life, then Milan is not the place to go. They have a completely different drinking culture (ie none), and only about four clubs - three of which are for models/footballers and the supremely rich/goodlooking only.

    There are a couple of bars, but not many. The beer is awful (when I went we found a place selling Tennents liver pickler on tap!!), and its about a fiver a pint, if I remember correctly.

    There is a few things to see/do - all of which are mentioned above.

    You mentioned that you are going for a few days - if your there on the weekend you could watch Atalanta play. Their ground is in Bergamo (a surburb of Milan i believe), which is about 45 mins on the train. Alternatively Turin is a two hour train journey (Turin is home to Juventus)

    One final thing you MUST be aware of... hooliganism in Italy is many, many times worse than it is in this country, regardless of what rubbish you read in the press. I went to a Milan V Roma game last season, and before the game the fans were throwing rocks and fireworks at each other. Instead of the traditional batton charge - the Carriberri have their own method for dispersing crowds of trouble makers - plastic bullets and tear gas....

    You'll be situated in the bottom tier behind the goal, so watch out for the urine, spit and torn up seats heading your way from above.....

    It was actually a memorable and enjoyable trip. There are some cracking resterants - especially if you enjoy Italian.

    I'm sure you'll have a good time.
  • Ah Mr Snow you are so incredibly honest...

    I have a South African friend who lives in Milan...she's 29 and now a single mother, and would agree with you I think. Milan is an industrial kind of place, and of course is famous for its fashion and for La Scala opera house but as for letting it all hang out and being silly, maybe better go somewhere else.

    Last time I went there was a massive mix-up with my friend as she was going to Rome two days after I arrived. I ended up cramming everything into two days (it's possible), abandoning my flight back from Milan and going instead to Rome for three days (train service in Italy is excellent) and just booking another flight back from was only about £20 or so, and I stayed in a dirt cheap hotel. It was brill! Maybe something like that would be possible?

    I didn't want to put a dampener on the original poster's enthusiasm, tried to be tactful...but it might be worth looking beyond Milan for excitement.

    By the way, last time I was there the square in front of the cathedral was chocca with the local football fans, tv crews and so on...they had won something (sorry not a fan myself!) but they were not in the least bit hostile or unfriendly to the bemused foreigners who unwittingly found themselves in the middle of the street celebrations. Might have been different had they lost of course.
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