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Encapsulated Stained Glass - Any Opinions



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    I think the people living there now might object to that ;-)

    Hardman's Windows in Wallasey have examples in their showroom, or they used to anyway. They did ours. There are other branches of Hardmans in Wirral, but it's the Wallasey one you'd want.

    I thought it was much more obvious from the outside that they were encapsulated, than it was from the inside. It didn't make a huge difference inside, but from a distance outside there is a slight sheen to the window, especially when it's very sunny. I presume because the surface is now completely flat, so you can tell. But that doesn't happen so much indoors.
    When I had my loft converted back into a loft, the neighbours came around and scoffed, and called me retro.
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    Doozergirl wrote: »
    omg, is that your dog? It's adorable! I want one! What kind of dog is it?
    I'm glowing with pride, glad you like him. He's a little podgy terrier cross. He's 10 years old now. We got him from a rescue centre when he was 6 months old. He's a real wimp and hates the postman, thunder etc., etc. but he's the love of my life. All the best.
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