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Tax Credit Briefing discussion



  • Cantala59
    My advice is to put absolutely everything in writing and keep a copy, also when you post it ask for a proof of postage slip (free). It's a bit arduous I know, but I wish I had done this all along the line as it's all you've got to protect your interests. You assume they (the Tax Dept people) are ethical and efficient but you cannot count on it and when they get it wrong they'll do anything to protect their own skin.

    Also, keep a record of any people you speak to:- names, dates and what was discussed or agreed.

    I cannot reiterate enough:- I wish I had done this.

    Good Luck and thank goodness for this website.
  • gem4
    gem4 Posts: 332 Forumite
    I just wanted to say dont give up arguing your case with the tax credit office. They will tell you anything to fob you off. If you know you are right, keep fighting.

    Goin back to June 2007, I rang when my daughter left college to find out when my tax credits would end and was told 31st Aug. Then when she got a job in July that year I rang to tell them to stop paying me and asked again when they would end. They said June and I had to pay back what they had given me since she left college. I then told them that they had given me incorrect information when I rang to confirm the stop date previously. They repeated that I was not entitled to it and would have to pay it back.
    I wrote to them saying I couldnt afford it and it was their fault so I shouldnt have to pay it. I enclosed a breakdown of my income and expenses.
    They didnt reply
    I got a demand for the £764 in July the following year. I wrote again, enclosed a copy of my previous letter and told them I was still waiting for a reply to that.
    They wrote back saying they'd looked at my case and a few weeks later I got their final response saying that they had upheld their code of practise and I had to pay them back.
    I wrote and asked for details of all info they held on me including voice recordings of all phone calls under the data protection act.
    I got half of the info, I had to ring again and remind them of their statutory obligations under the data protection act.
    In the meantime I got in touch with my mp and she rang the mp's hotline but told me that they said that since they had sent a final response I couldnt get any further without new information or the ombudsman. (Ha, ombudsman is employed by HMRC)
    When the cd came I transcribed for them the relevant conversation (which they had previously told me they had listened to) and sent another letter saying they obviously didnt listen to it previously or they would have known I was given the wrong information and that my next step would be the ombudsman, stating the reason that they hadn't dealt with my complaint satisfactorily.

    This has all taken two years now. Yesterday I got a letter back saying they had looked at the info I provided and agreed I had been given the wrong info, and they wrote off the total amount.
    So.....hang in there, dont give up, keep arguing your case and send everything by recorded delivery, especially if you know you are in the right. The data makes interesting reading too.
    ;) debt free...yippee :dance:
  • whitevanwoman
    Please could you add www.taxcc.org which is the website of Tax Credit Casualities, to the briefing in the All The Contacts section.

    TaxCC is a peer support group, run by a small group of volunteers with OPs of their own, to offer support and advice to others with tax credit OPs, in the dispute and appeal processes. Their website gives loads of info, downloadable dispute pack and template letters, and people can post their query or problem on the forum where other people can help and support.

    There is also a link to TaxCC's online petition calling for reform and an amnesty for all non-claimant error OPs - reading some of the entries on the petition is heartbreaking and I would ask all of you who have felt strongly enough to post on here, to go to www.taxcc.org , and to sign the petition. It's the only thing that we, as ordinary people, can do to signal our grievance to a government that has so far failed to listen to us.
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  • Icequeen1
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    If you use this calculator it will tell you if you are better to claim help from tax credits or using the childcare voucher scheme.

    It is possible to use the voucher scheme then claim the difference between the amount paid and the amount covered by voucher from TCO. However, if you get help towards your costs from TCO it is likely that you wouldnt need to use vouchers as financially you are better off claiming from TCO.

    Bear in mind however that the calculator does not always give the right result because it doesn't take into account the £25,000 disregard that exists in tax credits. To get the right answer, you therefore need to make sure you work out which years income you need to enter.

  • chelsea1504
    Just wondered if anybody has had dealings with the adjudicator re an overpayment. Have been fighting the TCC since august 2007 - have managed to agree to pay back a small amount as can't prove an earlier date when advised them of change of circs - they have written off £2000.00 - I could prove when they were advised and they failed to comply etc - however they are penalising us for having another disabled child as the money they paid by their error for one child they have now used as the 2nd child's entitlement????????? They have actually told me if we hadn't had another disabled child born then they wouldn't have been able to do this...and the sum off £939.00 would also have been written off - and we wouldn't have spent the last two months paying it back...So now off to the adjudicator to try and get it back. Arhh:mad::mad: Although the lady at the TCC was quite nice an helpful - think she thought it was lousy too....maybe I'm being too generous.
  • Cantala59
    It's appalling! Can't Martin get Newsnight or similar to run an expose or investigation?

    It is so shocking.
  • confused_owl
    Im clutching at straws here but I have exhausted myself trying to find out and the tax credit helpline is useless! Does anyone know If I would be entitled to claim child tax credit if my partner does not work (but also does not claim any benefits) and I work 22 hrs? We have a child who has just turned 1. I have read everything I can get my hands on but everything refers to partners who dont work but DO claim benefits:confused:
  • KevinG
    KevinG Posts: 1,876 Forumite
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    Im clutching at straws here but I have exhausted myself trying to find out and the tax credit helpline is useless! Does anyone know If I would be entitled to claim child tax credit if my partner does not work (but also does not claim any benefits) and I work 22 hrs? We have a child who has just turned 1. I have read everything I can get my hands on but everything refers to partners who dont work but DO claim benefits:confused:
    Whether your partner claims benefits is irrelevant. I don't work, I don't claim benefits (apart from Tax Credits, of course), my wife works 23 hours a week and we get both Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits.
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  • joic
    joic Posts: 2 Newbie
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    I am meeting with the tribunal to discuss my overpayment in a few weeks time however this has taken a terrible twist, this is because the my local law centre, that was acting on my behalf has recently closed down. My meeting is due in a few weeks, have approached my local CAB, I was told they cannot take on my case because they have too many cases and not taking on any new ones.
    I have waited almost eight months for this date. WHAT SHOULD i DO? Am so confused and stressedand scared.
  • sarahf3112
    Can anyone help me to claim back payments last October, not as a response to any information provided by me? My previous year's payments were all accurately paid, and then for no apparent reason payments were stopped last October. When I ring the helpline they say there is no reason for the stoppage, and are 'awaiting' guidance on how to restart! They were quite a significant part of our monthly income and despite numerous calls to the helpline it doesn't seem to be progressing. Any suggestions?!
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