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my daughter is starting to learn the clarinet in september and while i dont want to rush out and buy an instrument we have to pay £10 a month instrument rental, so i was wondering if anyone can recommend a decentish make to keep looking out for on ebay in the hope of grabbing a bargain. thanks in advance ;)


  • Buffet & Yamaha are the most popular student instruments although I would be very wary of buying second hand on ebay. Ideally the instrument need to be tried out to check for any problems.

    Have you enquired at your daughter's school about buying a clarinet as they can often get a heavily discounted price?

    Also have a look here (sorry I can't make it clickable and remove the space)

    www. myatt.co.uk/shop/home.php?cat=2102

    I have bought from them in the past and they are an excellent company. Haven't spoken with them on the phone but I'm sure if you called they would be able to advise you.
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    thanks for the tip will check them out
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    Was in Netto today and they had a violin and they had a clarinet too - that was in Llandudno Junction. It was £59.99 have a look here
    If you give your local store a ring they can tell you if they have any left
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    My friends wife teaches clarinet, my wife is considering learning, they recommend the buffet B12 and Normans who seam to offer huge discounts, they supply a big chunk of the education sector

  • I found it very worthwhile buying from a guy who mends and maintains them in his own workshop. With my three children each of their instruments (saxophone, flute and clarinet) needs annual servicing and occasional running repairs. DD2's clarinet is a Stagg . Good up to grade 3 but we are buying her a Yamaha YCL250 for her birthday for grade 4 and onwards, and again we will buy it via our local music workshop because it will need setting up before playing ( If nais is anywhere near Lincoln and wants the details please pm me).

  • The arts council have an interest free credit scheme http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/takeitaway/index.php
    If you are paying monthly rental at the moment this might be worth looking into. I have used this scheme several times in the past, the web site has a list of the participating stores in your area. I bought my daughters clarinet this way and they allowed us to purchase an ex rental instrument at a reduced price which meant my monthly outgings were less and ten months later she had her own clarinet.
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    Netto are selling Clarinets for £59.99 instore.
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    Mind you, we are probably not helping the original poster as they posted their question in July 2009 so we could be a bit late!
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  • hi there,
    If your child is going to play their clarinet in school or in education ( ie a band in the LA ) you are entitled to not have to pay the VAT.
    I would suggest you don't use normans as their aftercare is poor in my opinion - definatley dont dont dont buy one off the internet ( ebay) no no no.
    I would strongly reccomend you visit john packers website. They produce instruments which are excellent starter instruments, and you should be able to sort out the price not paying vat. They also supply buffet clarinets and more expensive makes, but i would get one of theirs to start with before upgrading.
    You'll need to purchase reeds also for tem once she is learning - buy these in bulk ( a pack of 25) it is much much cheaper as lots of places will charge a few quid per reed, but if you buy a pack from a shop it will work out much better ( your child will use quite a few when first learning, and less as they get more experience.)

    I purchase instruments for a music service so I have used lots and lots of retailers, and have found john packers excellent after care - it think they also do a hire purchsase scheme..
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