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Government unveils plans for mass reclaiming body

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  • As soon as I read the words "white paper" I immediately had the word "rubbish" and "bin". By the time they do anything of substance, others will already have taken over the mantle.
    I wish the government would just get lost :D
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

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  • "They include, for example, the of misselling payment protection insurance."

    I assume this is a typo or has education standards really plummeted this low ;)
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

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  • marshallkamarshallka Forumite
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    This shows nothing will really change

    The White Paper says: "There have been several instances in recent years in which a large group of consumers have suffered detriment at the hands of regulated firms. This includes, for example, the misselling payment protection insurance

    What about sales made by "unregulated firms". How many people were sold insurance from a broker/firm that at the time of the sale they were not regulated by anyone. Its so annoying when we have no-one to complain to and our policies were sold in the exact same way. Often people have proof that they were missold from SAR's and fear going through the courts as it can be too stressful so they still get away with it here. Can they not find a "law" that they can use for consumers to take their complaints through these "bodies" regardless of whether they were regulated by the FSA or not? Just looking at this site is enough to see its needed.
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