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Just closed the last credit card...

edited 6 September 2011 at 5:33PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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  • chelle2k9chelle2k9 Forumite
    139 posts
    well done its great to hear from sum1 who has made it out the other side of a debt mountain! gives us all hope :)
  • Well done you :j it must be such a relief!

    I'd say carry on paying what you do towards your loan and stick any extra you can afford into a savings account each month in the hope of a full and final... that way you'll get rid of them quicker! :T

    CA x
    Proud to have dealt with with my debts
    Debt free from 18th March 2013, long may it continue!
  • roxiepie_2roxiepie_2 Forumite
    229 posts
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Well done - must be such a good feeling!

    Is really nice to hear these posts as it gives the rest of us a push to keep going :)
    CAR COSTS POT : £0.00/£550.00________ REGULAR COSTS POT : £0.00/£396.25
    £3K BEFORE 30 : £0.00/£3000.00_______£200 HOLIDAY FUNDS BY 2012 : £0.00/£200.00
  • Orange29Orange29 Forumite
    24 posts
    Aw that's such a nice post, well done. Today was an NSD for me, hurray.
  • WELL DONE YOU! It's a great feeling, I paid off all my credit cards almost a year ago now and am still debt free apart from the old mortgage and car loan. This site was a great support and it got me through those bad times. It's still hard work to resist the temptations but it's worth it. We are going on hol in a few weeks paid for in full-far more enjoyable when you haven't just shoved it on the rcedit card. Keep it up! Your post will be inspirational to many-like others have said I loved reading the success stories.
    LBM 17th April 2007:j
    Credit Cards paid - July 2008 [strike]Sainsys,M&S,[/strike][strike] HSBC[/strike]
    Grocery Challenge £350
  • Swinstie73Swinstie73 Forumite
    2.9K posts
    Well done MP! I'm the same, trying to get debt free but as no-one knows (apart from on here), I will have no-one to celebrate with! Enjoy the holiday, sounds fab and I bet you can do it MSE style!
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