can i stop my electric and gas bills whilst abroad

i am off to cyprus for three months, possibly longer if i find a job.can i stop paying my energy supplier (eon) while i am away, or is this somewhere i shouldnt go?


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    Are you paying monthly by direct debit? If so contact your supplier to explain the change in circumstances with a view to revising your payments (or not pay anything at all if they agree). If you can't come to an agreement on what to pay, switch to paying on receipt of bill. If you arn't using any energy, you probably won't be saving anything paying monthly by DD.

    If you pay on receipt of bill, make sure you are on a no standing charge tariff and then you'll only be billed for what you have actually consumed (which you will have to pay for)

    Ensure the supplier bills you on an actaul basis (get someone to supply meter readings if necessary) else the supplier will estimate your usage and if they are not aware of a change in circumstance will do so based on previous usage history.
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    Hi simone

    Shouldn't be a problem. As Premier says, just make sure you are not on a tariff with a Standing Charge.

    We don't do many Standing Charge tariffs for residential credit customers these days but there are still a couple in existence.

    If you are on a tariff without a Standing Charge give us a call when you are about to leave and have turned off all your appliances.

    Tell us what is happening and give us the meter readings at this point. Ask for a bill to be issued to these. This can be done whilst you are on the phone.

    As long as you pay this in full there will be no follow up whilst you are away.

    Generally, bills are issued every quarter so you may well be back before the next one is due.

    If you do have a tariff with a Standing Charge I would suggest doing the above but switch to a No Standing Charge tariff whilst you are away. You can always switch back again on your return.

    Standing Charge tariffs have a daily charge regardless of whether or not you are using energy. Therefore, you will still be racking up charges whilst in Cyprus.

    Also, have you registered with our website?

    If you have you can keep a check on your account through this registration wherever you are in the world.

    You can also enter meter readings through here. In this way, if you do turn everything off and have no usage you can enter the same reading from Cyprus and produce a zero bill.

    If you decide to leave certain appliances on, like fridge freezers or gas pilot lights, you will be using energy.

    Should this be the case, do you have someone who can read the meter whilst you are away? If you do, they can tell you the reading and this can be entered online ready for the bill.

    This will need paying to stop any follow up. Again, this can be done online.

    Hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your time in Cyprus. :wave:

    Malc :)
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    another one trying to get out of paying

    This person has been reported ! Ignore.
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