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Hi just want a little info on travelling to one of the Channel Isles... which island would be best for a quietish holiday ? OH won't fly so which is the best way to travel by sea? Is it worthwhile taking a car ? , someone told me the roads are very congested in summer... we would be thinking of going either first week of June or last week in July .... any suggestions gratefully received.... :T
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  • Weymouth_Man
    In my opinion Guernsey is pretty quiet compared to Jersey, Have you considered Condor from either Weymouth OR Poole, have a look at this link, Hope this helps.

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  • MrD
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    Its Guernsey for me every time.

  • pin
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    Jersey rules!!! Mainly because I live there!!
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  • shopndrop
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    St Helier is quite busy but nothing like anywhere on mainland UK. Have been to both islands and feel you need a car to get about on either. Guernsey is much quieter than Jersey but depends on how quiet you want it to be. We have had one week on each island each time we have been and would do the same again. Both islands beautiful for different reasons.
  • PeteMc
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    Sark - No cars allowed

    Alderney - Very Quiet and Beautiful

    Love Jersey and Guernsey as well.

    Never been to Herm (Little or Big) or the rocks (can't remember the name)
  • Arkwright007
    Guernsey for us every time. Been there so often that this year instead of hiring a car (hardly need it if you've got a good beach nearby) that we are going to use the bus (you can view routes with this link http://www.buses.gg/routes.asp) and then hire bikes. You won't be dissapointed, Guernsey's a special place.
  • tanith
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    Arkwright how do you travel to Gurnsey and where from? how long does the crossing take?
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  • MrsNurseyC
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    A friend of mine has just got back from a girly break in Guernsey, and in her opinion, taking the car's a waste of time as you can travel anywhere on the island by bus, for 50p!
    She was expecting the island to have more green open fields- was a little disappointed that Guernsey seemed to be coast to coast houses- but had a brilliant time anyway- shopping, chatting and drinking, which I guess is what a girly hol is all about.
  • gemmaj
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    Guernsey is quite quiet. Yes the roads get busy (mostly at school/office in and out time), but then if i'm in a queue for over 5 minutes thats a major holdup which warrants an announcement on local radio, so its hardly busy by English standards! Yes, good buses (and you can buy a 10-journey pack to get the price down to 20p, I think they are still doing that) but cars are good too. You can do daytrips to Herm and Sark, both lovely peaceful places for approx £8 and £20 respectively.
    Guernsey is also a good deal smaller so everything is that bit closer - handy if you don't want to spend hours on the bus (I always get bored on the bus from the Harbour to Jersey Zoo when I'm over on a day trip!).

    Jersey has Jersey Zoo, and Samares Park (which is much better than Guernsey's Saumarez Park!) and generally more on-island things to do (although we have Herm for off-island things to do!!). From a car point of view, Jersey has a good bus system running between all tourist attractions (can't say about regular buses) but from a car point of view there is a warren of one-way roads in the center, St Helier. Probably fine once you are out of St Helier.

    Guernsey lacks any decent cinemas, Pizza hut / fast food etc, but I get the impression thats not what you're after?!

    You can, however, do day trips between Guernsey and Jersey (and from either to St Malo) for approx £20 - £25 with Condor. (Bring passport for France!)

    To get to either Island its Condor, but I can't remember how long it takes. An hour (very, very ish) between Guernsey and Jersey, longer to the UK. The boat does a circular route so you may have to stop off at one Island on the way too the other (depending on tides).

    I live in Guernsey and often pop over to Jersey (mostly to go to the Zoo!) so PM me if you have any qs.

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