What will you change first?



  • elfieb
    elfieb Posts: 530 Forumite
    I agree louisewh123 -bring on good weather and cheap days out !!

    I saved up £40 to take kids on rare treat to see Sponge Bob Square Pants at an event. However I really needed to pay a bill and so when it rained in the morning, I pretended to ring Sponge Bob who told me he had lost his umbrella and so wouldnt be going. My 3 yr old didnt buy it as apparently he lives under the sea so he's used to getting wet. Silly Mummy !! :p

    Haha, that reminds me of a story I once heard about a little boy who grew up thinking that everytime the ice cream van played its chimes, it was because it had run out of ice cream, as that iwas what his incredibly skint Mum had told him!! He never had ice cream from a van until he was an adult!:p
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  • josephine82
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    When I'm debt free I'll be saving for a deposit on a mortgage (even BIGGER debt) so I can have a pretty house that is all mine.

    Of course, then I'll become a mortgage free wannabe !
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  • chevalier
    chevalier Posts: 7,937 Forumite
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    Some things i wouldn't change, like at the moment, with my two DS's i rarely buy new cos they are so tough on their clothes...

    but i do think that my first thing would be to go to a nice shop and get a couple of good quality outfits, and enjoy not having to worry about the price.

    I want a job that is less than an hour driving away from my house! Are you listening universe?
  • tasha-debt
    tasha-debt Posts: 974 Forumite
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    I would love a beautiful house and a baby and a dog and to get married (have my dream day).

    Dream....... sighs.............

    I’m back and more determined than ever!!!!!
  • sillybillyme
    sillybillyme Posts: 172 Forumite
    i would love to take my boys somewhere hot on holiday. i cant wait till we are debt free because i hate feeling guilty because i cant afford to take them to theme parks etc :rolleyes:

    I love to give homemade gifts. Which one of
    my kids do you want?
  • fatpiggy
    fatpiggy Posts: 388 Forumite
    Oh dear, I must be very boring and sad, but having gone for so long without just about everything, the urge to spend has died a death and my only interest now is saving to replace my car and start overpaying the mortgage.
  • lilly81
    lilly81 Posts: 623 Forumite
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    Your kids sound so sweet!

    The first thing I did when I was debt free was get myself a decent hair cut!
    I had grown my hair really long when trying to sort out my debts so I would only need a cheap trim twice a year. I felt fantastic going into a saloon and asking for a restyle- but I did go to the cheapest place I could find- I guess thats the money saver in me :rotfl:
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  • immoral_angeluk
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    I'm sorry but the bit about your 3year old did make me chuckle!
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  • SarahNeedle1872
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    Lol at SpongeBob without his umbrella!

    As soon as I am debt free (which all seems to be going to sh*t at the minute anyway!) I will be saving for a deposit for a house.... and a newer car :)

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  • MissKJ
    MissKJ Posts: 780 Forumite
    Oh I just dont know what comes first. Almost all of the above (not sure about spongebob or babies). Really, I do remember as a little girl, being a good saver. I always had more money than my darling brother to spend (but of course I did share). This is now a distant dream, having money in an old fashioned bank book. I think I too have got used to doing without, that I dont know where I would start first. I am hoping thatas things improve,we can gradually re-introduce things like we were some kind of nutters who wouldnt cope with it all at once. Sky TV, new car, gym membership, all those things that make leisure time more indulgent.
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