is it true that all virgin media phone systems are down/they can't pull up records?

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Just trying to call VM broadband tech support, as the newsgroup broadband support have reset email password and told me to call VM BB TS. Line very bad, and really ignorant guy just left me on hold, so I called back on the main customer service number and it sounded like the same guy, and he was telling me all the systems are down, records can't be pulled up at all, must call back in 3-4 hours, then just went quiet, so again I had to end the call. Is that true? I've never known VM's whole phone system to collapse, especially on a Sunday.

Just called, quarter to 9. Just checking if anyone else having the same problem, and just doesn't sound true, plus got no email access!

Cheers, Cat


  • It's not unheard of to happen. They could have chosen that time to carry out maintenance as it's a low call volume time so it has less impact on service levels overall.
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    wouldnt suprise me......its happened in the past to me and as anewhope said they usually choose the quietest time (remember seeing on virgin's status page a day or two ago about a national telephone works update)
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    Thanks. Makes sense now. I think it must have been the 'impeccable manners' (lol) of the guy that had made me wonder. Many thanks for letting me know.

    Best regards, Cat
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