What Snack/small meal are you into at the moment?

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  • butler_helenbutler_helen Forumite
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    Carrot sticks and hummous is my fave at the moment :D

    yup yup me too! they're even good on the train and at work :D although I'm particularly into the crunchy version with the chick pea bits in it :j
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  • clutterydrawerclutterydrawer Forumite
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    I like toasted pittas with a bit of butter inside....pittas are 19p for 6 in norrisons :)

    or if i feel virtuous, toasted cashew nuts or dried fruit :)
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  • flea72flea72 Forumite
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    cheesy nachos - bag of nachos , jar of salsa dip and grated cheese on top - stick in the micro for 1min - lovely

  • Twinny99Twinny99 Forumite
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    Beans on toast - food of the Gods :)
  • becky170becky170 Forumite
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    Toasted bagel and cream cheese for me, or humous and toasted pitta bread.
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  • LilacPixieLilacPixie Forumite
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    Piri piri cheese on a toasted breakfast muffin. or walkers balsamic viniger and onion crisps
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  • ikkleosuikkleosu Forumite
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    Hummous and a toasted pitta
    Pate (the little packs from Asda, just enough for one) with oat cakes and cranberry & red onion relish.
    Tortilla chips, salsa and grated mozzarella piled up, shoved in the oven for 5 mins. Delicious.
  • vicks276vicks276 Forumite
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    earthmother - agree with the marmite in beans it is gorgeous!!! Also really nice in tinned spaghetti/hoops with some tasty strong cheese
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  • PretaniPretani Forumite
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    Slapps wrote: »
    I'm well into banana sandwiches right now but for a change today i had dippy eggs and bread mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    So had I:D, someone suggested it earlier and its been so long since I had runny eeg and soldiers. Hmmmmm.

    Bought some pitta bread (garlic and herb, smells delicious), some cheese and hummous . Looking forward to trying out both suggestions. :T
  • TeahfcTeahfc Forumite
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    Have been eating a lot of Avocado of late, only have the dark skinned Hass ones though as they taste better, in toasted mini pittas from JS with Aldi lardons fried off and put inside with a splash of Worcester sauce.
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