Getting a DRO - How many months bank statement must you show?

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Thinking about filing for a DRO but want to know does anyone know if you will have to show your bank statement and how many months going back? Someone told me it is 2 years worth of bank statements, this true?


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    My or only asked me for three months worth of statments, ( i had told her it was not somthing i kept for a long time etc, i said it would cots me money to get copies if she wanted me to obtain more ) - After all i have no money and that s why i went BR - lol :rotfl:
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    I didn't have to show any of my bank statements
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    You dont need to show any bank statements in the intial application of a DRO.
    However should there be reason for the OR to investigate once the DRO has been granted (for example should a creditor appeal), you may have to show bank statements then.
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