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Unfair/Illogical enforcement times ?

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Parking Tickets, Fines & Parking
I was given a PCN for parking on a single yellow line outside my house at 07:12 on a Saturday morning.
The enforced hours of the single yellow are stated as 7am-7pm Mon to Sat as stated on the plate. I have had it confrimed by East Sussex County Council that this is because it is a ''7-7 Bus Route''. Fine.

The trouble I have is that on a Saturday the buses don't start until 8am.
Bearing in mind that I live at a very quiet end of a mainly local authority estate in a semi-rural location, where all that you can hear at 7am on a Saturday morning is birdsong, I wonder what business Parking Attendants patrolling in a car have at that time of the day in such a benign area of the town. Surely this contradicts totally the councils assertion that the NCP/Council run parking scheme is to aid the flow and efficiency of traffic and NOT to make money ?

Needless to say I appealled and have had the 1st appeal rejected. I have now recieved the Notice to Owner and am prepared to take this all the way to the Adjudicator.
I realise that I have perhaps a slim chance on this one but believe that fairness will hopefully triumph.
Has anyone any advice or know of a precedent in this kind of matter ?

Many thanks.


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    On the basis of what you say an appeal was pointless and an Adjudicator is powerless. It is a political issue which perhaps has only come to your attention now you are a victim?
    No you don't have a slim chance. You have no chance.

    you could show the docs to be checked though.
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