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Am i likely to get a DRO? If you have any knowledge on these?

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WidelatsWidelats Forumite
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Am i likely to get this DRO order processed or not? These are my basic details, i have a appointment next week at the CAB to fill in the forms, i am taking my whole JSA along and paying in full up front.

Rent £16 per 2 weeks approx
Electric £10 per 2 weeks approx
Food and other household stuff £40 per 2 weeks
Catalogue £60 approx per month

I get £100 per 2 weeks JSA as the jobcentre are taking £30 per 2 weeks back in social fund loans.

I have to take last catalogue statement, proof of benefits, expenses sheet along with me. No assets or bank savings, live in council accomodation, unemployed. If anyone has already got one or know a bit about what else i would need for evidence etc please let me know.

Owed out = lots. :cool:


  • WidelatsWidelats Forumite
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    Well, as you'll likely know if your debts aren't over £15000 ... and as your income is already very low you probably would. Just going on what you've posted, though. You'd probably be better re-posting this on the BR forum as some have already done a DRO, so are familiar with the process.

    i have posted on the BR forum, plus CCCS question threads, done quite a few of these posts. I just want to be sure - like the guy with glasses on in the Jaws film, he cuts open the shark and wants to be sure its the right one :D

    cheers mate.
    Owed out = lots. :cool:
  • WidelatsWidelats Forumite
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    Yeah i will keep checking - cheers :)
    Owed out = lots. :cool:
  • WidelatsWidelats Forumite
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    Cool, i will look out for her if i dont see her i will fire her a private message.
    Owed out = lots. :cool:
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