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Are we all being conned? Should we change?

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Are we all being conned? Should we change?

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juniper1juniper1 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Energy
I'm a new reader to this site and am finding my way around. I had a big shock today in that our gas & electricity bill has come in at £428 for the quarter. I thought I'd check the meter readings and the gas was more. I'm not worried that the bill will go up but it sparked a chain reaction in that I looked at MSE & read all relevant info on supplier changing. I then rang Scottish Power our supplier & discussed all options with them. Best action is to switch to ONLINE a/c and pay monthly DDM. They have different rates for each! Also discussed CAPPED rates. Then as I am a sad muppet I sat down & worked out what I would pay over the next year comparing staying on current rate that we are on or capping or not capping at DDM rate! All very complicated. I worked out that it was not viable at this time to cap the Gas. It is dearer the more gas you use. This quarter would have cost me £30 more if the rate was capped. The electricity works out cheaper.
So, next I went onto Martin's Energyhelpline link and did a comparison quote. This showed Powergen was best saver. Savings to be had over the year would be about £229. I then went onto Powergen's website & savings totted up to £275. I then phoned them to get prices. When I calculated the comparisons myself, the payments are very much dearer than Scottish Power! What is going on??? There appears to be no easy way to compare.


  • mattomatto Forumite
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    We're being confused rather than conned.

    Take powergen

    Their base price is 17p/7p after 800 kwh for electric
    and 3.57p/2.15p after 4572 kwh gas.

    But then there are discounts for being an online customer, paying by direct debit and having both electric and gas from them.

    The switching sites should take all these discounts into account.
  • juniper1juniper1 Forumite
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    Thats not the figures that they've given me this afternoon.
    Their capped rate is for 4 yrs (no penalty for termination)
    Electricity = 1st 225 per quarter is 17.64 per unit then 8.77 thereafter

    Non capped is 14.64 1st 225 then 8.77

    Gas = 4.556 1st 1143 per quarter then 2.51 for capped

    No capped = 3.156 ast 1143 then 2.51

    11% discount for online & ddm payment

    I am confused because the sums just don't add up to what the comparison companies & Powergens website are tellling me.
  • mattomatto Forumite
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    Those non-capped prices relate to the Energy Saving Plan tariff. They would suit a lower than average gas user, but judging by your quarterly bill you're probably be one of those.

    The difference in electric prices is due to regional variations.
  • juniper1juniper1 Forumite
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    I assume you mean I'm not a lower than average gas user. Our heating and water are gas fired and my hob is gas plus we have a rayburn that is mains gas fired too.
    I see from looking at the energy helpline site that there are many differnt types of products that you can go on. Do I need to perhaps research the best product within a supplier for us. I am surprised that Powergen and my current supplier didn't ask the amount of usage between gas & electricity.
    As you say the figures quoted appear to be for a low gas user. I wonder what their figures are for a high gas user. Was there a better product for me.
    I've always thought in the past that the prices were the same for everyone. I've had my eyes opened today and I think that there must be alot of people out there who are paying through the nose because the system and the way things are calculated are extremely complicated.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    I totally agree with you OP re the confusion to customers. I find the system confusing and I have a degree in sciences so pity help the people who stay with one supplier simply because they cannot work out what is best for themselves. It should be simplified eg
    dualfuel monthly DD A;B;C;D etc

    I am sure it is deliberately meant to confuse
  • Whilst a capped tarrif may seem a bad idea as the supplier charge a small premuim for this, if the price goes up you won't pay anymore, and in the long run will win.

    I took my capped tarrif for gas in September at something like and xtra 3%.
    However, prices rises this year mean I am saving far more than I'm paying for the premium.
    It's BOUGHT (to Buy), not BROUGHT (to bring) AND you cannot be frauded, only DEfrauded.

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