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British Gas "rebate" for those on benefits

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British Gas "rebate" for those on benefits

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trotskiytrotskiy Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Energy
:mad: After following the tip, ref the above, last November my mother (a pensioner) discovered she was entitled to a rebate on her gas bill as she has a rebate on her council tax. We applied by telephone & was told she was entitled to £20 which would be sent by cheque - unless of course she paid by DD - in which case the money would be sent into her bank account. After 2 months the money had not appeared. We rang again, to be told it would come off of her next gas bill. It didn't! She then received a letter informing her that due to prise rises she would get 2 x £20 rebate over the next two gas bills. The first bill arrived today, and yes they acknowledge the £20 BUT they have added this to the bill not deducted it. On ringing again she received a less than sympathetic response from a person telling her "oh well, just pay the lesser amount" She cant! They've already taken the money from the bank so she's now £40 worse off than she should be & likely to get hit again on the next bill. Come on British Gas - you're making enough money from your users, the oldies are the ones whom can least afford this con.


  • Rogerb_2Rogerb_2 Forumite
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    Just chased up my mothers which hasn't been processed - no sign of either cheque of £20 each although she has it in writing that she is entitled both this winter and next.
    Sounds a real mess at the Gas board
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