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Hi, after reading the credit clean up post on here, I need a little advice.

I just received my credit report after finishing my IVA in January.

Report states my IVA started 22/01/04 and completed on 27/02/09

All of the entries say I defaulted on 22/01/04 which is what the sticky topic says it should, apart from one.

LOWELL (good old lowell) default 13/10/05.

I remember this company (and have read about them on here), they bought one of my debts, and started chasing me up for payment, until the IVA faxed them my portfolio, and I guessed they defaulted me on that date.

My question is, should this default date be 22/01/04 inline with all the other IVA entries, or because this company bought the debt a year later, do I have to leave it at the default date of 13/10/05?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Andrew,

    I have just completed my iva too, got the completion certificate through 2 days ago and have now got letters prepared to send to all my creditors, i would say that it should be inline with all the others that have the default date as the date you entered the iva, there is a link at the top of this forum for sample letters to send to your creditors, just out of interest how did you get the insolvency register updated or did it happen automatically ?

    Debt Free 20/05/2009 (except for bank of mum) currently £750 left !!:beer:
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    hi guys

    I am just finishing getting credit files cleaned up after IVA completion , only 3 accounts left to get corredted, and a lot of our debts had been passed to debt collection companies and I wrote to them and asked them to change date of default to the date of original IVA being agreed. They have all done it.

    Just treat it as with your other debts, the ones I have not got changed yet are still with original banks and hopefully will all be changed soon.

    One word of warning though, once your defaults are changed check your Equifax credit file very carefully, both my husband and myself have had an accound marked as " deceased customer" one now changed and other been reported to change lol
    TOTAL 44 weeks lose. 6st 9.5lb :T
  • Thanks, I will get a letter posted off to them once I find the template.
    just out of interest how did you get the insolvency register updated or did it happen automatically ?

    Happened automatically, though I did complete in January, and waited 3 months to apply for the credit report so everything could be updated.
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