First thread "Hello" and a little query if you don't mind :)

Hi everyone, what a great community you have here. I've been receiving Martin's Money Tips E-Mail for while now and have visited this forum a few times but this week I have been inspired by "$17mma's Story" on becoming debt free.
I've realized I really don't do as much as I can to save myself money.
I have a monthly spreadsheet that I do for my budget, to keep track of my outgoings and to look at where I reduce my outgoings. Like going from petrol to deisel and changing my insurer, (saved 6 - 7% of my wages doing that :j )

Anyway I have an opportunity tomorrow to help myself. My account manager at LloydsTSB called me the other day to arrrange an appointment to discuss the rates I am paying on my Loan and Credit card. A bit out of the blue I must say!
I have had the loan since January 2004 and owe £7,846.04
I have had the credit card since September and owe £858.01
I also have an overdraft (which she didn't mention) of which I owe £761.39
Does anyone have any advice or has anyone ever been contacted by Lloyds to discuss this? Do I have any room to 'Haggle' seeing as they contacted me and not the other way around?

Oh, i've never missed or been late with payments and always pay well over the minumum on the card. This month I managed £250.00 :T

Thank you everyone,

Edit: I've just realized I have posted this in the wrong topic :o . Sorry. Should have been in 'Debt free Wannabe'
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  • tyllwydtyllwyd Forumite
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    Hi there, welcome to MSE! I agree maybe this isn't the best board for advice on this but I'm pretty new myself, so I'm not sure where would be better! You could try the loans or credit card boards - I'm sure that there are some very on-the-ball people around on this site.

    My feeling would be that if they have called you and you have always been a good customer, they want an excuse to try to sell you something. I think you should definitely take the opportunity to haggle if you can - why not go in there armed with some figures about rates being offered by other banks, and see what happens! Good luck!
  • Thanks tyllwyd.
    I've re-posted in 'Debt Free Wannabe' Now how do I delete this thread? :confused:
    A photographer see's with one eye closed what others fail to see with both eyes open.
  • Gingham_RibbonGingham_Ribbon Forumite
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    I can close it for you. Thanks. I'll just check it's up and running okay on the debt free board first so you don't miss out on any advice.
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