'What should we pay our MPs?' poll discussion

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    I can't believe they can claim so much money. I worked for HM Revenue & Customs and Mr Brown is cutting 25000 jobs from that government body alone. There was so little money, we were told we had overspent on stationery and not to get any more pens, staples etc. We couldn't send reply envelopes (like anyone one reply without one!!!!) So many offices have closed, yet MP's are getting 42" plasma TV's!!!!!!! Do they give all this stuff back when they don't ger re-elected?????????

    Plus - if I had made an error on an expenses form and claimed for something incorrectly, it was gross misconduct - yet what do they say "sorry forgot I paid off that mortgage - ooopps shouldn't have had that £15000 after all".
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    I think the current level is reasonable. I don't accept the argument that higher salaries shoud be paid to get the 'quality of person' we require - I don't want MPs for whom the main motivator is salary.

    We don't pay vast salaries to other public servants such as social workers, teachers, nurses etc,yet people ddo those jobs because (among other things) they want to contribute to society. Perhaps if MPs earnings were closer to that they would have a better understanding of the realities of living for those who are not fortunate enough to have earning in the top 10-20%

    MPs enjoy the benefits of gold-plated pensions so although their 'headline' rate of pay may be lower than some other professionals such as barristers they have much better fringe benefits so the over all package is more generous than it might appear.

    MPs salaries should be set by an external, independent body and the comparators should be other middle-ranking public sector jobs, NOT chief executives.

    I do think it is reasonable for them to get expenses, but these should be assesed in the same way as they are for most others - i.e.
    * Receipts for ALL expenses
    *Expenses only payable for items which are solely and necessarily paid for for work purposes
    If it wouldn't be calssifed as a business expense by the Tax man, it shouldn't be claimable by MPs either.
    As MPs are public servants they should also expect that
    * all expenses to be fully public (it is, after all, our money that is being spent)
    * staff - set rates of pay for staff (pegged to equivalent admin jobs in the civil service, perhaps)
    * If an MP wishes to employ a family member, that person would have to be their only employee and be paid at the most junior rate - if an MP wished to employ any additional staff they should have to justify this to an independent body and in particular that the employed family member was in fact working and that the volume of work justified additional staff.

    So far as 2nd homes are concerned I would favour provision of state-owened, furnished apartments in London which could be allocated to an MP on his or her election. They would not pay rent but would be responsible for other bills

    An alternative would be to offer a percentage loan for the purchase of a 2nd home - the total amlount which any individual could borrow would be capped (at, say, the cost of a modest, 2 bed flat) and the loan would be as a percentage of the value of the property - so if an MP borrowed 50% of the purchase price, when they ceased to be an MP or sold the property (whichever came first) they would have to repay 50% of the value at that time. If they borrowed 100% of the purchase prioce, 100% of the sale price would be repayable. That way, an MP who could not afford to buy a 2nd home could still have one, but there would be no profit as each MP would only enjoy the profit from the share of the property he or she had paid for him/herself.
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    werdna75 wrote: »
    As for second home allowances; what's wrong with the figure set by Westminster Council for Housing Benefit? That is surely enough to provide a home for someone in the Westminster area? Isn't it?
    That's an absolutly brilliant suggestion. I can't believe I, nor anyone I've heard on TV or radio, have come up with this before.
    Nice one.
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    The full cost of parliament should be divided amongst the MP's. We're not told how much this is, but i would be surprised if it's less than £100 million per MP per year ( buildings, incl Big Ben, security, elections, myriad employees etc). They should account for all the money spent on a website each. They should run the whole thing like a business, be audited professionally and have the same rules applied to them, as apply to us - especially on tax, which they're currently dodging. They should pay for their own pension under the same rules as us. They should receive a salary of the average national salary but receive a bonus, of say 10%, of the money they save, if they save us 10% of the £100 million cost , that'll be a million pound bonus - and worth every penny. Although I'm clearly right, I'm the only person who thinks like this and everyone else will favour a bureaucratic solution which further emasculates any remnant of democracy
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    Raise the salaries to attract business people to parliament and only allow people to stand for MP if they have held a position of power in the private sector for at least 10 years. We need MPs who have experience in running a business and not the barmen, sheet metal workers, those who raised their families on the dole instead of finding a job, failed teacher types we have in now.

    I would also like to see a huge reduction in the number of MPs we have. Constituencies should be divided by the number of people in an area (all areas having roughly the same number of people). Attract business people to be an MP with a high wage and these people will have the experience and work ethic to cope with this workload.
    RENTING? Have you checked to see that your landlord has permission from their mortgage lender to rent the property? If not, you could be thrown out with very little notice.
    Read the sticky on the House Buying, Renting & Selling board.

  • I think that MPs should get the average industrial workers wage plus the free use of a post office franking machine (for parliamentary use only) and free travel by whatever means, best suits speedy travel to and from their constituency. i.e. bus, train, plane. Also I think that an apartment block should be built near central London so MPs don’t need to purchase London homes at our expense. (If they want them decorated to their lavish tastes then they should pay for it.)
    [FONT=&quot]This would have 3 effects; first it would not be very long before the average wage went up drastically, secondly they would have to come into the real world with the rest of us and finally, public transport would improve on end.[/FONT]
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    We need MPs who have experience in running a business and not the barmen, sheet metal workers, those who raised their families on the dole instead of finding a job, failed teacher types we have in now.
    Not going to go into who would make a better MP, but do you really think this is who we've got at the moment?
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    Cahssius wrote: »
    If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys...

    Ok, there might be a few monkeys at the moment anyway.... but YOU voted them in!!!

    If you don't like it, don't complain, STAND FOR ELECTION YOURSELF! :beer:
    peanuts where do you get that from ? our local MP went from being a trade union shop steward in a hospital, few years later a second home in London, used to stay, in a council house, claimed £163000+ in expenses last year TAX FREE` not including his salary claimed £17000:eek: in mileage[40p a mile] going round his constituency I`ve never seen him and I`m retired,effin` conman,it`s not simple to stand for election as well you know!! he was parachuted in to the seat when our MP died.
    please do not pick on me for my grammar,I left school at fifteen and worked in the building trade for 55years ,

    Chalk and slate csc:D
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    I don't agree with most of the above. An MP's salary needs to reflect their responsibility in representing thousands of constituents, it isn't a job that anyone could do.

    However, expenses need to be tightened up to the level of most other jobs. Rent/hotel when in London, travel to/from london but not daily commuting once there, office expenses. All with receipts.

    As much as anything it involves a change of attitude, I work in the public sector but when I incur expenses for travel/goods I do my best to minimise them by trying to get a good deal even though this takes more time and I would get the money back anyway, because it comes from a limited pot. Why can't MPs do the same, I don't object to their salary or pension, I object to the money grabbing attitude!
  • I would go for £150K per year as I think this is a reasonable sum for setting legislation and running the country. There are conditions however;

    a) 5 weeks holiday plus public holidays.
    b) No outside interests, consultancies or directorships
    c) Minimum attendance at the house of 3 days per working week
    d) Minimum of 2 days per fortnight in the constituency.
    e) No housing allowances but 2nd class travel is claimable (this might prompt action to improve public transport).
    f) No family members to be employed by the MP.

    I'm sure I could think of more....

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