I watched the 'Tonight' programme hoping to get some answers to my dilema.

About four years ago I got into difficulty paying some of my unsecured debts - health issues an wifes not being able to earn after having fulltime wage - I did bury my head for a while but then got in contact with CCCS

I have been on their books for a few years now and although the debts are not coming down substantially they have allowed me to get them in some sort of order.

Now to the real issues of Credit Ref Agencies.
I paid all three, Experian, Equifax and CallCredit varying amounts to see my details. First issue is that there is addresses and accounts linked to my files that are nothing to do with me. I have only ever lived in three addresses (I am 40) including my parents address and they are all within a 5 mile radius yet there is six other linked addresses in Bimingham, Derby, Chesterfied (I live in Manchester) I have tried to get them off by emailing the CRA but they just said it is correct and they cannot remove it.

One of the issues is that I have a very common name. Probably one of the most common in the country yet they are convinced it is me.

Its as though one Debt agency has put it on my file and then like locusts the reast have piled there details on too.

The second issue I have is that although I have been paying some towards that debts (all to DRA or Solicitors) there is no mention of this on my CR Files. It just says default and the orginal lenders name.

Should the DRA update the files to say they are the owner of the debt now or should I ask the original lender to add something on there.

I am sure that I not the only person to have incorrect information on their files and having te same problems getting it corrected. Perhaps you could do a show on that.

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