Asda extra special occasion cakes

For those of you who are unsure about supermarket wedding cakes, I can highly recommend the asda 'extra special' occasion cakes. They are lovely moist fruitcakes and i actually think they taste nicer than many of the homemade wedding cakes i tried! My wedding was on the 1st May and we used the asda cakes, 3 tiers, small medium and large (costing around £30 for 3 tiers) We used a 3 tier wedding cake stand purchased from ebay, and i bought decorations and my aunty kindly decorated the cakes for me and did it beautifully... No-one apart from my mum, hubby and aunt knew it was asda cakes and everyone complimented on how lovely it was and 'I bet that cost an arm and a leg!'

If google doesn't know it, how should i?


  • nat82nat82 Forumite
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    Your cake looks fantastic! Thank you for letting us know how yummy it was!

    Congrats on your wedding too!

  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    your cake looks really lovely...congratulations (on cake and wedding)
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  • lilian1977lilian1977 Forumite
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    Thanks for this, I'm very tempted by them! Congratulations! x
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  • Thanks, and no probs. I was quoted £200 for a really basic 2 tier cake from one of the cheapest basic bakeries in our area, and it didn't look half as nice! I'm really glad i chose the asda cakes in the end. It saved us a load of money and everyone loved it :) I was really worried incase it looked 'cheap' but worked out great.
    If google doesn't know it, how should i?
  • LeylaukLeylauk Forumite
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    Wow - it looks great and works out even cheaper then M&S! Thanks for the tip.
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    Thanks to everyone who post comps - you are all :cool2:
  • HoraceHorace Forumite
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    Congratulations on your wedding - your cake is gorgeous by the way.:eek:
  • *Louise**Louise* Forumite
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    Fantastic cake - what a great bargain.
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  • rinroorinroo Forumite
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    looks much more expensive than the price you paid - Good to know it tasted good too.

    It looks lovely
  • sarahh112sarahh112 Forumite
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    I don't suppose anyone knows if Asda do a sponge cake in the Extra Special Range as I was hoping to have 2 tiers of fruit and 1 tier of sponge.

    Also do they do the cutting blocks?

    Thanks very much.

    Kind regards

    P.s Niknaknoo the cake looks gorgeous.
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  • I have seen other people asking about undecorated supermarket cakes so just bumping this up to show an example of one xx
    If google doesn't know it, how should i?
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