Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

Puting off claiming state pension

Hubby will be 65 yrs in a few months time and he has to fill a form to claim his state pension. He has already retired 7 yrs ago from the NHS. What he wants to know whether it is worthy to put off claiming the state pension for at least a year? My understanding if he does, he will get an extra 10.4% more after a year. Suppose he dies during that year, I guess, the pension will be lost as well, is it a chance he has to take, hoping nothing will happen to him during that year. Also if he does put it off, he will not be above the £19500 a year for old age allowance. Does anybody know whether the £19500 is before or after tax? Not sure whether it is the right forum to post this, I have posted in the pensions forum as well. I am sure some of you are already receiving state pensions and will be able to offer advice.Thanks
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