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Poll Title: Poll Started: 14 March 2006. Do you want it now? You're about to buy a new financial widget from a very reputable company, it's a great product, and the sales person tells you that sign up to their reward scheme at no cost and you'll be given a cash kickback. Yet there's a choice of three schemes, which you would pick?

A. £30 right now
B. £75 in 3 months time
C. £100 in a year

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  • subzsubz Forumite
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    It all depends weather you could invest that £75 and get more than £25 in 9 months.
  • I'd probably forget to claim after a year but 3 months no prob.
  • I'd probably go 75£ too. Short enough to be patient but not too long so as you'd forget all about it.
  • :rotfl: That sounds like gobbledy gook!!! :o
  • bridiejbridiej Forumite
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    subz wrote:
    It all depends weather you could invest that £75 and get more than £25 in 9 months.

    That's what I assumed you could do so I voted for that one.

    I just pop in now and then.... :)
  • HalakuHalaku Forumite
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    I'd go for the £100. The investing £75 to get £25 in my opinion is irrelevant, as I have £75 of my own to invest. There's very little advantage for me in getting the money early, it'll just be sitting around in my bank.

    If a was broke and needed the money, then I might have answered differently though.
  • I voted for £75 because it will be arriving in June and will be extra holiday spending money.
    Boring answer I know but at least it's a plan.
  • teddycoteddyco Forumite
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    I would take £75 after three months.

    1. Because three months is enough time for me to decide if this deal is really as good as they say it is. And after that I can take the £75 too.

    2. If I found a better deal for just £3.00 cheaper per month, that would make up for the lost £25 for the next 9 months with another company.

    Why lock yourself into a contract with a company for only £25.00 extra when deals change everyday?

    Making money and loyalty are incompatible!
  • jackbremerjackbremer Forumite
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    In a year's time money will be no problem so £100 is not the best option for me.
    £30 now is just a trip to the pub, so no great shakes.
    £75 in three months' time is a nice meal out and something to look forward to. Done deal, where do I sign?
  • ShiggaddiShiggaddi Forumite
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    Who said anything about locking into an ongoing contract with this company. What you're doing is buying a financial widget, and I take it you've already decided to buy.

    The reward scheme just gives you the option of a cash rebate at a time that suits you, and pays more the longer you wait.

    As it's a reputable company then you can trust they will be in business in a years time. That would be my only concern about accepting £100 in a years time, and using that sense of logic, I would have taken the £30 now!! However it's a reputable company that's likely to be around in a years time, and the £100 is likely to be paid.
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