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(EDIT - apologies, I don't know how I managed to post this in the wrong place, it was intended for debt free rather than mortgage free wannabe... mods please delete as I can't delete myself... I have reposted in the correct forum, cheers :confused:)

Hello all,

As I'm sure you have guessed I am new to this site, I will be browsing around for some answers to some of my financial problems but I would just like to throw this one out there as I'm sure there will be people who have had dealings with this shower before.

I'm unfortunate enough to have been dealing with "CDUK" for about a year now, due to my defaulting with my egg credit card.

My problem is that I recieved a letter from them today, demanding that I pay the balance in full (£2068.50) within 7 days as they say I have defaulted on our "agreement".

By defaulted, they mean they wanted paying on the 23rd April and I couldn't do this, being out of work,claiming JSA and having several other creditors to think about, my hands are tied as to what exact date I can pay my monthly installment... I now have a letter dated 28th April demanding payment in full or action will be taken against me.

I telephoned them straight away and politely asked what my next course of action is expected to be, the man on the other end informs me that egg have been in touch and have revoked my repayment plan and I should recieve a court summons within the next week or so. (5th or 6th of May he said)

I am of the impression that this is ridiculous.

I am unaware of any contractual agreement stating that I have to pay by the 23rd of each month and have never once refused to pay my monthly installments, I think they are overreacting in a big way and would love to know if there is anything I can do.
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