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  • Victoria1972
    Sorry to read about your RSI, sounds awful! You might like to consider calling in at Holy Trinity Brompton and asking the lovely people there to pray for you. Just a thought...
  • Smiley_Mum
    Smiley_Mum Posts: 3,836 Forumite
    I've been Money Tipped!
    Sorry to hear your RSI has flared up again Martin. Hope you've managed to get an appointment to the Osteopath fixed up.
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  • System
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    Although i have never had RSI, i have suffered with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome so i can sympathise.
  • mjr
    mjr Posts: 51 Forumite
    Martin, taking high strength Glucosamine HCI supplement regularly has helped me, may be worth a try?
  • tobyhoward
    Really sorry to hear about your RSI, Martin. I have suffered from it on and off for years (I'm a University Lecturer in Computer Science). I have had ultrasound muscle therapy and that really helped. Now the RSI is coming back though.

    I've found a few things that REALLY HELP:

    1 - Use your non-affected hand for the mouse

    2 - DO AWAY WITH THE MOUSE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: it's amazing how much you can do with keyboard shortcuts, either on Win or Mac (Linux I don't know).

    3 - make a file with "canned replies" in that you can cut and paste (ctrl-c, ctrl-v, no mousing please) -- it's amazing how much we keep saying the same things to people in email.

    4 - Check out -- an ace tool (Win only I think) which allows you to attach arbitrary text /actions to a single key-press -- saving you HOURS of typing (I use this app for entering competitions -- hit F1 and it types my christian name; F2 types my surname, F3 my street address, etc etc.

    Take care
  • MiserlyMartin
    MiserlyMartin Posts: 2,236 Forumite
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    Hi everybody and Martin Lewis.

    I'm writing this little story in the hope that someone will read this and suggest something or perhaps will be able to help me in anyway!

    Since September last year, I've seemed to have suffered from RSI. But I'm not totally sure that it is RSI or whats causing it. I get tingling in my right (mouse) hand from the fingers right into my wrist, which aches a lot. Its a bit like having pins and needles and also feels numb. I do know that when I don't use a PC it seems to go away. I've tried a carpal tunnel wrist brace which doesn't seem to work. This was advised by my doctor but no examination has happened yet, so I don't know if it is carpal tunnel syndrome.

    I also get an aching and numbness in my right shoulder and right side of my neck. I did go to the doctors about the whole thing he referred me to physio but just for the shoulder because I and the doc thought it was the cause of my whole problem when it started. Since the pyhsio it seems to be a seperate problem to my hand and wrist problem. Because when I don't use a PC I still get neck and shoulder problems, but not as much. Physio helped a bit but didn't really make much difference. They referred me back to doctors and doc sent me to hospital for a shoulder x-ray. This is great for the shoulder but whatever the outcome I don't see it helping with my wrist and hand.

    I try not to use the mouse too much, but I don't have much choice at work and its so much slower using your left. Also hard to not to type but I don't think the typing is the problem, more the mouse.

    If you read this far thanks, I hope you might be able to tell me if you have had anything like this and what you did about it that helped?


    Can anybody suggest or help me at all?
  • PBurton
    PBurton Posts: 6 Forumite
    I too have RSI, and I won't bore you with the measures that that I'm trying to do to combat or alleviate it.

    I also use Naturally Speaking version 8 of several things, including the dictation of this message.

    You may know that Dragon currently is can think this product by about 15%. What you may not know that is that the Mobile edition is currently discounted heavily at; it is one costs around £111.

    What you get with the Mobile edition, in addition to all the benefits of the preferred edition, a Plantronics cs50-usb wireless headset system. It is good, but I have been unable to find it in a retail store for less than around £130. However, with that price, it is like to do while the preferred edition for the standard price and the getting of that headset for additional £20. Or, buying the headset and the getting of the Naturally Speaking for free.

    How good is that headset? Well, while I am talking, I also had the TV on, playing the Commonwealth games, very loud. Sadly, they get the level of accuracy with that background noise, had taken around 30 minute. However, it is only because the program currently has a hangup with one of my letters; a little more training required, I think.
  • MushyPeas
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    I also suffer from RSI :( I've found using a pen and tablet as opposed to just a mouse helpful.

    Exercise is also a good option as it keeps you flexible.

    I've been recommended to have an operation to try and solve the problem. Left arm going to be cut up first....bit scared..:cry: ..but I hope it will work.

    Good luck to everyone else out there.
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  • claire_bargains
    Hi guys!

    As a fellow RSI sufferer.... two suggestions are:
    1. Arnica Gel - a natural anti-inflammatory. You can also get Arnica Bath Soak - either via QVC or which is good for plonking your hand in.
    2. A bizarre but true one is cabbage - I didn't believe it until I tried it and it does ease the pain - get some cabbage, wrap it around sore wrist, wrap bandage round, to keep it in place, and let it ease the pain off. Only downside is the whiff of cabbage! (As someone who can't take anti-inflammatories, I have no shame!)
    I also agree with Victoria - praying can also really help!
    Best wishes all!
  • quiggles
    quiggles Posts: 16 Forumite
    I work as pre-sales technical support for Dragon Naturally Speaking in the UK, and as an avid money saver and member of this site for some time, am really pleased that it helps Martin do his work. You may be interested to learn that we are calling this the month of the Dragon, mainly because we are trying to encourage people to use speech dictation more often then use their mouse, simply to avoid the scourge of RSI.

    I am not going to make this a commercial for my company's product, as I think it is against the ethos of this web site to try and promote your own product, but I would say that even if I didn't work for Nuance, I would now use this tool to create documents and e-mails and surf the Web.
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