This question is probably more aimed at successful MFWs. At the moment, I owe about £137k on my mortgage. I am on a tracker and so have benefited from the reduction in base rate. I have not only chosen to overpay my mortgage by this amount but also increased it by a further £100.

The end result is that I'm currently overpaying by about £390. I believe that I should be able to maintain this indefinitely (unless the base rate increases to 10%!!!!!).

If I do this, it will bring my mortgage term down to just under 13 years! I would be chuffed if this was the case because it would result in me being mortgage free before I am 40.

So now for the question...... is it worth making the personal sacrificies required to achieve such a goal? Put it like this, kids might mess up my plans a bit lol What do you do at the end of it? Do you start amassing a fortune? Spend it all? I'm just not sure what the benefits are?

I'm only asking this because I don't want to spend such a significant part of my life achieving something that some of you have found to be less important that you first anticipated.
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