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Hi All

This is quiet a long winded story so I'll try to be as brief as possible. 18 months ago we moved into rented accomodation and activated our BT line so we could get an ADSL line installed. We never used the line for calls however. Everything was going rosy for the first 6 months and we were paying our bills.

Then we decided to switch our switch everything to Sky, leaving just our line rental through BT. We noticed that BT kept increasing the direct debit amount but only got to the bottom of it a few monts ago. It turns out that at the same time we swithced our calls to Sky, BT they signed us up to a call package for 18 months without our concent or request

Naturally enough we've tried to dispute this, and waited for BT to call us back, but to no avail. I've now cancelled the direct debit so they can't take any more money, and the bank have informed me that I can use a direct debit indemnity to get our money back.

But I'm a little undecided ... I'd rather that BT accepted their mistake and refunded the money so that we can avoid all the extra work for the bank and all the arguments with BT. I've thought about writing to BT and saying I think we are x amount overcharged, and give them 10 days to refund it. If they don't then I'll dake the indemnity route

Does anybody have any suggestions or has anybody had any experience of this in the past ?

Thanks in advance !


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    Hi Y2k,

    Sounds like there is a problem with your account, but without knowing all the details it is difficult for me to respond fully to your post. Obviously there are two problems here. First your direct debit payments and secondly your package. If you want me to have a look at it for you then reply to my pm and I will see what can be done to help you.


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