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Hi, im curious about why there is an inteference when there are 2 scarts connected to my tv. On AV2, I can see the output of AV1 in the background. It doesnt affect the picture quality that much as I have been watching like this for a number of years. Its noticable most when I press services/tv guide/box office on my sky remote. Does anyone know why?




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    Hi Nick,

    I too have ghosting when watching some things on AV with SKY. I found that what was happening was that when I turned the SKY on it automatically switched to the correct AV channell to display the SKY picture. However, if I was watching say ITV on normal TV, and then turned SKY on to ITV, I would get ghosting. I solved this by switching to a channel that was not tuned in on the TV (snow) and then turning SKY on. Try it, it might just get you decent picture quality.

    I know you are saying that it's AV1 that interfering, but it could be a simlar probelem with that. If AV1 is a video for example, try setting that onto a non-tuned in channel and then turning SKY on.

    Hope this makes sense, as I'm no TV expert! :)
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    Cheers for that sonic, will try that tonight.

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    my tv suffers from this problem too, i will try this out as well. interesting idea, cheers.

    my thoughts were it might be a problem with the scart cables not having enough insulation, and picking up interference, havent actually tried getting better quality scart cables yet, might try and get some from argos, see if it improves the picture, and if it doesnt take them back under their money back guarantee...
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    wow! cheers Sonic your solution worked a treat!

    my setup is a panasonic tv, panasonic video, panasonic dvd player and sony freeview box, and i was getting the ghosting problem when watching freeview digital. I tuned the terrestrial tv to the video channel which was just a blank black screen, and now the digital picture no longer suffers from ghosting, and the picture is perfect! :D

    Top Tip mate! thanks very much! ;D
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    Hi, I tried that but i didnt notice any difference. I have a video on 'tv scart socket 1' and a freeview box on 'tv scart socket 2'. On the video, I have 2 more scart sockets; 1 is connected to the tv and the 2nd connected to a sky digibox. Ive tried changing round the devices but when I watch anything that is connected to the 'tv scart socket 2', I get that inteference. I tried switching to a snowy picture channel but that didnt remove the inteference.


    something missing
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